We are ok!


Dear friends, colleagues and supporters, THANK YOU ALL for your concerning and heart warming messages over the past days. We had to hibernate with our team due to the surreal and unsafe situation that erupted on the island of Lesvos, but we are ok! 

Over the past week, we were witness to the most worrying days we have seen since the refugee crisis in 2015. With Erdogan opening the Turkish borders, extremist right-wing groups attacking aid workers and the Greek coastguard shooting at crossing boats, the world was left shocked, and so were we.

As a result, we had to take extreme safety measures for our team members on the ground and luckily not one of our staff members or volunteers were attacked or harassed. It was, however, very unfortunate to learn that other fellow NGO's and humanitarians were not so lucky and were forced to withdraw from the island and regroup on the mainland. We appreciate that this would have been a difficult decision to make which we completely understand and respect. 

We were very concerned about the security of our own staff and volunteers which lead us to our own dilemma of whether to withdraw our people from Lesvos or not.

After assessing with our team members on the ground it was very quickly clear for MOTG that:

  • Extremism and aggression will never overcome our unifying values,
  • We condemn hostility towards ANY human being, and
  • We stand with all the people of Lesvos, hosting and hosted, as we believe the island needs us more than ever.

Today we are happy to announced that we have resumed part of our activities in and around Moria camp and that we will fully resume our mission with the same passion and heart that we have always had, of course, taking the security of our staff and volunteers as the number one priority. 

We could have not made it through the past week without your kind words and supportive messages, especially from the local Greek community. You kept our beliefs alive, reassured us that what we do is needed and that we all stand together when bad forces flock together in an attack on humanity.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you for your love and joining our Movement in making this world a better place for all.

Together Towards Dignity

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