We value the power of togetherness and the positive impact it has on the one cause we all share


We live in unusual times. In a world that often lacks solidarity and good will. In a society that finds it hard to live together in equality and shared responsibility. For us it feels like we are at a crossroads. Faced with choosing the right path that will impact the course of our future. 

Our choice is the path of humanity. One where we stand with the marginalised and the most vulnerable ones: people forced to leave their homes in search of safety.

We will walk our path, amplifying their voices and those of their host communities. We will walk our path towards a much needed change. 

Today, we call on everyone to walk with us on this road towards a better world. A sustainable planet with a humane future. A future where we, as an organisation, are no longer a necessity. A future where people on the move live in safety and dignity... no matter in what stage of their journey.

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