Winterisation 2019: Giving the gift of a warm night’s sleep


One of life’s greatest pleasures has to be turning on the heating and snuggling into a warm bed on a cold winter’s night.

While this particular pleasure seems so simple in nature, many residents that live in and around Vathy Camp on Samos can’t even begin to comprehend what that feeling is like.

So, in order to turn the pleasure of having a warm bed into somewhat of a reality for these residents, we decided – along with many other NGOs such as Samos Volunteers, Help Refugees, Refugees for Refugees and We Are One – to purchase and distribute sleeping bags to all registered residents of Vathy Camp.

Ahmad, our visiting volunteer, working alongside other volunteers from different NGOs that operate on Samos.

The distribution of the sleeping bags began yesterday and will continue over the coming days, until all 6,500 purchased sleeping bags are handed out. The ticketing system used for this distribution (residents bring their provided ticket to a collection point in order to retrieve a sleeping bag) has so far, worked without any major difficulties.

Some of our resident volunteers also assisted during yesterday's sleeping bag distribution. 

One of our visiting volunteers, Ahmad, assisted in the sleeping bag distribution process yesterday and noted the experience as very smooth and rewarding.

“An organised system helped to make sure everyone registered in Samos could be provided with a sleeping bag to protect them from the cold this winter. We distributed hand by hand and it was amazing to watch everyone’s smiles,” he said.

It was all about smiles and helpful hands on day one of the sleeping bag distribution on Samos.

The distribution of these sleeping bags comes at just the right time and will literally mean the difference between warm and frozen residents this winter.

Furthermore, the teamwork demonstrated between different NGOs and resident volunteers show that when hands and hearts come together, a real impact and difference can be achieved. 

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