Winterisation 2019: Help us help our resident volunteers


Without the dedication of our hardworking resident volunteers, our extensive day-to-day groundwork on both Lesvos and Samos simply wouldn’t be possible.

Staring early in the morning and working into the late hours of the afternoon, our resident volunteers assist our camp coordinators and visiting volunteers in a range of tasks, from managing power systems and building new tents to assisting with food distribution and cleaning waste. The work can often be tough and demanding, but our resident team are always willing to complete their duties with a big smile!

However, the start of the winter season means working conditions for our residents are about to get a whole lot more challenging – we’re talking cooler temperatures, more rain and a whole lot more mud. That’s why we need your help!

We want to make sure our resident volunteers are provided with the best possible protective wear to make sure they can work as comfortably as possible this winter. Rain suits and proper working boots will help our hard workers stay dry and also, will prevent them from having to sacrifice their current clothing and shoes to the mud.

In order to make this wish a reality, we need you, our Movers, to help us help our resident volunteers. By investing roughly 23 euros, you can help to provide a resident volunteer with a full set of rain-proof winter gear. 


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