With great solidarity comes great impact


We did it! In the early hours of this morning, Saturday 4th April, our emergency transport safely arrived on Lesvos!

Inside the back of the transportation is a collection of essential products, all intended to address the greatest needs of residents living in Kara Tepe and Moria camp as well as our staff and resident volunteers. These essentials include;

  • Fire extinguishers, to make the Olive Groves more well equipped for the outbreak of a fire – as seen earlier this month inside Moria camp.
  • Sleeping bags and blankets in the case of a new emergency as our stock of these items were recently distributed to residents who lost their shelters due to the Moria camp fire.
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer, essential goods needed for the coordinators and resident volunteers so they can continue to work in the camps in the safest way possible. 
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s underwear, that can be distributed to residents in the Olive Groves and acquired through the clothing shop in Kara Tepe.
  • Men’s clothing, a great need for the clothing shop in Kara Tepe as stock for men is running low. 

This essential transportation of goods comes at a critical time and we are so grateful to our dear partners at Christian Refugee Relief for making this all possible. The dedicated NGO have unfortunately had to cancel their mission to Lesvos until further notice, so instead decided to channel their energy to helping the NGO’s that are still able to operate in the camps on Lesvos. This not only includes us, but also Stichting Bootvluchteling, Euro Relief and Because We Carry. 

Together with these amazing organisations, we have been able to stock this truck with not only the goods listed above but also essential hygiene products and medical goods that are of great need amidst this coronavirus pandemic. 

With all of the measures and lockdowns in Europe, we were all unsure whether this cargo would make it, so we are feeling incredibly grateful that this truck arrived in tact and still fully stocked. 

It's been so energising to witness the realisation of this initiative. Even more energising has been the incredible display of solidarity and unity amongst this group of NGO’s and we feel very proud and privileged to be able to work alongside them during this challenging time. This initiative is proof that when people, groups and organisations come together so much can be achieved and great impact can be accomplished!

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