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12.628 euros raised by the students of Notre Dame school in Ubbergen!
12.628 euros raised by the students of Notre Dame school in Ubbergen!

It’s January, but we hold on to the Christmas spirit all year! Last month, the students of ‘Notre Dame’ school in the Dutch town Ubbergen raised 12.628 (!!!) euros to support our work in the campUS. Talking about #camptocampUS ;-). A month long they organized several events in order to raise money for our #solar project. They baked Dutch treats, made soup and even got their teacher to shave his head bald (dear teacher, we applaud you for that). Our dear mover Sinan Can went there to accept this amazing donation.

Thanks dear students, teachers and other staff. What an amazing thing to see (young) people involved like this. You’ve melted our hearts and you literally gave our friends in the camps some #light in the darker days!
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12.628 euros raised by the students of Notre Dame school in Ubbergen!

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Marjan Van de Goor haha blije gup daarachter met je cameraatje!

AJ+ shot some beautiful images of the Sheltersuits and Waka Waka lights that we handed out last december with Sheltersuit Foundation and WakaWakaLight. The campaign is still running, so donations are still welcome. For more information, have a look here: www.sheltersuit.com/product/sheltersuits-voor-lesbos/

This man was once a refugee who endured Europe's winter. Now he makes jackets that keep refugees in Lesbos warm. ❤️
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I’ve had this idea of making a suit like this, but zero sewing skills. I’m glad this guy is doing it! We could use them here in America for the homeless too, it’s been colder here than on Mars! Bless this man.

Wauw diep onder de indruk

Wat een mooi initiatief 🙏


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Movement on the ground's Digital Learning Lab
Our Digital learning lab is a space on the campUS where the residents are able to maintain or upgrade their knowledge about computers and the world wide web. All in line with our #camptocampUS philosophy: dignity through #innovation, #education & #inspiration.

Our incredible team on the ground decided to make a video, explaining what the DLL is and what it adds to the lives of our friends in the campUS. Hope this will inspire you, just as much as it inspired us. ⭐️
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Movement on the ground's Digital Learning Lab

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Wow, Βισνού Σαγαρ Saeed Muhammadi Naweed Hamid this is beautiful!! So proud of you ❤️💫🙏🏼🍀

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️what a beautiful story of hope and dignity for the future!

Go Casey!! It is such a wonderful project that gives so many skills to the residents of KT ❤️❤️❤️


Beautiful story ❤️

Oh this is beautiful! Well done Casey and all the students ❤️❤️❤️

Great job, Casey!

This is great, I'm so glad the digital project is up and running.🙌🙌 HSA were looking into a similar setup for teaching English when I left but not sure if it got off the ground. ❤

Well done Casey. Wishing continued success for this project 😘

WOW!!!!! Amazing Casey Alison Myers, so proud to know you!💕💖💕

Casey do let me know if you need more Photoshop licenses! Congratulations on pulling this great project off!


شتقتلك ياكرتبه

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