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let's unite and make a positive impact together. 

Let's unite make a positive impact together to empower young women in Lebanon. 

Lebanon remains to be hosting the highest number of refugees per capita worldwide, about one in four people, of which approximately 1.3 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees are residing in Lebanon. A number that is expected to rise with the ongoing violence in the region.

Besides pushing 80% of its population into poverty, the country’s social-economic crisis is causing a failing education system, effecting the most vulnerable and impacting a sustainable future.

Your support can help us expand our Digital Skills Education Program, that we successfully introduced last year, providing young women with essential skills for secure, remote and well-paying job opportunities. 

🎓 Double the number of students: Imagine the impact of welcoming 160 students per semester instead of 80 per semester! 

🏫Increase the number of classes: Transitioning from 1 day to 3 or 4 days of classes per week to amplify our impact. 

🤖 Introduce Robotics Course: Empowering girls with knowledge and skills in tech. 

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Our Goal? Raise € 10.000

With your donation, we can provide schooling and tooling for a brighter future – because knowledge is power, and the future is in tech. 

•  Your donation of € 15 provides a student a stationary kits and educational supplies.

•  Your donation of € 60 provides two robotics kits for the new Robotics Course, we need kits for 30 students in total.

•  Your donation of € 100 contributes to monthly rental costs of our classroom.

•  Your donation of € 250 provides a contribution for 160 students to follow the digital education program and covers expenses for daily Wi-Fi usage, food provision and fuel for the diesel generators.


Last December, 108 Lebanese girls graduated from Movement on the Ground’s first Digital Skills Education Program outside of Europe, achieving an 80% graduation rate. The courses followed were Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web Development and Coding. 20 students received a scholarship from AI Beirut and the Zaka Foundation. 

“Education is the foundation for a brighter future.”
- Maria Giulia Casini, head of operations Movement on the Ground.

The Digital Skills Education Program in Lebanon is part of Movement Academy, in which we empower individuals with the essential tools and education to develop new skills, to unlock their potential and acknowledge human capital for a lasting and durable impact.

Together, we can break barriers and build brighter futures for women worldwide. Join us in creating lasting change! ✨

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