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  • Toon Oostveen, CEO of ULC Installatiegroep figured his company could help our Movement by donating talent and expertise. The result? An amazing wood workshop on Lesvos, in which carpenter classes are given and actual improvements to our CampUS'es are built! Since the opening of the workshop our residents have made benches, a shading area and a fence. By doing so, they're not only improving their own living conditions, but they're also learning actual skills that can be used when applying for a job in the future. The Movement spirit 💪🏼 Read the inspiring interview with Mr. van Oostveen on our website.
  • The Greek Minister of Citizen Protection, mister Michalis Chrysochoidis, visited us in the Olive Grove, Kara Tepe and Moria last week. With the statement of the new Greek government in mind, in which it states that the improvement of the living conditions for refugees is a top priority, we hope that we have shown the Minister that it is possible to provide help in a dignified way and that we can continue our work in the same manner in the future. Our team is only getting more and more motivated by this visit to contribute to the solution of this crisis, and to keep providing help in a dignified way.
  • WE'RE LOOKING FOR A CONTENT CREATING INTERN! As of February, we need a new intern who’s keen on learning and working in a small team, creating big stories. The internship will be at Headsprung Agency, our partner in marketing and communications. But don't worry, you'll work from the MOTG HQ often enough! You'll work as part of the team that's responsible for our (online) content. You’ll gain skills in communication, marketing, content creating, journalism and storytelling. Headsprung is a creative agency with a strong footprint in content marketing. Is this internship what you've been looking for? Apply via headsprung.homerun.co *Fluency in English is a MUST*
  • “All children need a hug, to be able to sleep, to go on an adventure and to have good conversations” That's why children's book writer Marijn Welten created the Gijs Giraffe initiative. Marijn ended up making 540 unique dolls, with the help of a lot of volunteers who all knitted their own version of 'Gijs'.
  • "Now that I’m in Europe, I want a calm and free life. Without anyone telling me what to do, and especially not because I’m a woman. I want to go to school, go to the gym, wear make-up and cut my hair the way I want it. I want to make my own decisions in life. Now I’m taking music and singing lessons, and my family is fine with it. They also want me to live peacefully and calm here. I’m hopeful for what the future brings.” We support you Sevda, and so many others like you, to follow your dream. Stay strong and keep developing yourself 💪 . . . #movementontheground #lesvos #empowerment #values
  • “It’s one thing to say, ‘Give humanity to the people,’ it’s another to see those people’s faces, to see their families.” says Jiatian. He’s volunteering with us this summer for three months while on summer break from University. We caught up with him earlier in June to find out his thoughts on the experience and what he hopes to take away from volunteering for so long! Read Jiatian's story on our website in the 'stories' section!