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  • With multiple boats coming in daily these weeks, the situation on Lesvos is growing more and more tense. Our team of resident volunteers is working shoulder to shoulder to set up new tents, to help those who are now forced to sleep outside on a piece of cardboard. This example of what our community does for each other is heartwarming, but the situation itself is very alarming.
  • Our Camp to CampUs philosophy is based on a foundation of trust and empowerment. Give people the opportunity to develop themselves and they will give back to the community. That's why we're very happy to have welcomed the people of Ché Amigo on Lesvos. Their leadership program is all about empowerment. We've spoken to founder Jasper Wegman about his program and the work Ché Amigo has been doing all over the world for over a decade. Read the full article on our website!
  • Wow! Dear Festivallovers. Your donations are coming in and your generosity is heartwarming. The first tents are being distributed to the families in need. Together with them we are so grateful. Today more boats have arrived on the Greek islands so our efforts to provider shelter to all will continue. Donations are still very much welcome via the #linkinbio or via movementontheground.com/donation. Much love! MOTG - Together Towards Dignity
  • Thanks Lizanne, live from @lowlands_fest for your support and your donated tent! We can't do it alone, encourage your fellow festival visitors to donate a tent through the links below. No one deserves to sleep outside, it's #TimeForTents Donate via the #linkinbio!
  • Hey Festival Lover! It’s #TimeForTents ! Are you going to Lowlands this weekend or do you know someone who is going? Please read on! You must be quite excited and ready to pitch your tent and indulge in a weekend full of festivities with 55.000 others. That we completely get! At the same time do you know that there are almost 20.000 people stuck in and around overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek islands. Many of them forced to build their own “tents” out of sleeping bags and debris in surrounding bushes and olive groves… We don't want to spoil your fun as we are festival lovers too but we believe this happening on the borders of Europe is unacceptable and we believe we need to help these people. To help them we need your help! If you donate 20 euro now we will buy a new tent locally, to also support the local Greek economy, and distribute the tent immediately to the families. If you want to help 2 families please donate 40,- and if you want to donate more hopefully with your contribution no one has to sleep without a tent anymore. So, it’s #TimeForTents! Via the #linkinbio you can donate any amount you like and help a lot of people. On behalf of the people stranded on the Greek islands, THANK YOU! 20 euro might not be a big deal for you but it means a lot to them! Please share this post and tag a friend who is also a Festival Lover. Together we can do more! #TimeForTents #Festival #Lowlands
  • It is a hot summer in Greece and that makes life extra challenging for all of us. Besides the difficult living conditions, with the high temperatures there is also a higher risk for (forest)fires like happening now on the island Evia. Our thoughts and support go out to the people of Evia and the firefighters working hard over there. Risk prevention, safety and security are standards we live by and therefore this week we started our own volunteer fire patrol together with the Moria olive grove campUs residents. This team makes sure any risky situation in and around Moria is reported and that our fire precautions are in place. A great example of our community activation approach. People looking after people. #Moria #CamptoCampUs #Community