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  • Repost @alishamseddin_ It is delightful to see the children playing happily, their voices blaring, expressing their innocent selves, declaring that we are practicing our childhood with courage.. . . ‎مما يبعث السعادة مشاهدة الأطفال، وهم يلعبون في سعادة تتداخل أصواتهم ضجيجاً، تعبيراً عن ذواتهم البريئة معلنة أننا نمارس طفولتنا بكل شجاعة. 🌏🧡🙏
  • Nurturing nature in one of our two gardens, at Kara Tepe CampUs. We have one for fruits and one for vegetables, as well as the most dedicated resident volunteer gardeners we could ever wish for. Each season, they go to their neighbours tent-to-tent, to ask what they would like from the harvest. They can chose from things like herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. It’s as simple as a garden. Yet it empowers our residents to lead a more sustainable future, for their own community 💪 #sustainability #community
  • Hand-in-hand, site-to-site, we’re providing support for Ramadan. Just like we do for Easter, Nowruz and Christmas. Here we are distributing food packages to minors and single women in Moria with the collaboration of Because We Carry and the amazing support of Help Refugee. The extra fruits and vegetables in the packages, make sure residents get the nutrition they need to stay health throughout their #fasting period. . Would you like to lend a hand to our friends over at The Giving Food Truck? You can put an item, directly in the food packages they prepare, via their donation page at ➝ http://bit.ly/givingramadan
  • Are you looking for an ADVENTURE, that might change your life and the world? We have the antidote here ➝http://bit.ly/MovementVacancy Be ready to empower and inspire 💪 If you can't make it yourself, please share with anyone you think might be the perfect fit.
  • Creative minds are happy minds. That’s why we love visits from clown and theatre troupes like @changingstories_ and @sirkussol, because they help children have fun and use their imagination. @changingstories_ left for home today, so its a nice opportunity to recap what some of our recent creative visitors have been up to while on Lesvos. Find out more via ➝ http://bit.ly/CreativityLesvos
  • Our Muslim community on Lesvos are settling into their first week celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. It’s during this special time that Muslims gain a closer proximity to god, through extra prayer and fasting from dawn til dusk. We’re working together with @storiesfromthefoodtruck and @because_we_carry, to support our residents throughout, handing out extra packages of nutritious food to supplement their diet! Read more on what we’re up to during Ramadan here ➝ http://bit.ly/RamadanLesvos #ramadan #community