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  • SUMMERIZATION CAMPAIGN – LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER → Link in bio ← On the first day of spring we are preparing for the blistering hot summer that is coming to the Greek islands. Just like winter, summer brings its own challenges, such as lack of water, the mosquitos and insects that come out again, the ground that gets too hot to walk on with bare feet and tents that get too hot to sleep in. This is our fourth summer in Greece and we want to be better prepared than EVER. That’s why we are starting our Summerization campaign early this year 💪 How can you help?! We’ve created a list of items that are most needed amongst our residents. These items are: ★ Mosquito repellant ★ Flip-fops ★ Electric fans ★ The building of sustainable cool spots in our camp, where residents can find shelter from the summer heat. The goal is to collect enough of these items to get our residents through summer. We’ve had an incredible and overwhelming winter donation campaign and that was because of YOU ♥ Now our residents need your help again, to help them get through summer in a healthy and dignified way. Every bit of help counts and is appreciated. Let's do this!
  • This Thursday marks the official end of Winter and we are already getting ready for the warmer days to come. Can you guess what our residents 5 most needed items are for the Summer? Follow the link in bio to find out! #spring #summer #movementontheground
  • Every so often we like to take a step back and reflect on our journey, to remind ourselves of all that we’ve achieved. We’re proud, but most of all, we’re thankful. So many of the strides we’ve made wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing partners. Today, we’re taking the time to put a spotlight on one special relationship we’ve developed, to say thank you and to remind us all of the power and potential of collaboration. @helprefugeesuk makes it possible for us to rise to the challenge of running a CampUs day-to-day, while keeping our long term vision and ambitions intact. Follow the link in bio, to read more about all the different ways they've had our back throughout our journey. Check out more on this collaboration via the #linkinbio. 📸 Maartje Brockbernd #partnership #collaboration #helprefugee #refugee crisis #movementontheground #journey
  • The first step towards mutual understanding, is communication. If we want to build bridges and close gaps, we need to talk to each other. This is evident to everyone, and it is why English & Greek language classes are always popular. One of our teachers, Yiannis, explains the way he works and why his classes are always full. Read the full article here via the #linkinbio! #movementontheground #learning #communication #lesvos
  • Over three years ago, @adilizemrane , one of the founders of our Movement, decided to stop everything in his life and throw himself into doing something about the refugee crisis on Lesvos. The Braveheart Club, a podcast about free and courageous thinkers by @happinez invited Adil to talk all about his journey. It’s a really inspiring talk, especially if you’re thinking about doing something different in your life! Listen for yourself via the #linkinbio. #tuesdayinspo #courage #journey #happinez #movementontheground
  • "I raise up my voice - not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard... we cannot succeed when half of us are held back," - Malala Yousefzai. When it comes to the future of humanitarian assistance, female empowerment has to be front and centre. Today is only a reminder. 💪 #IWD2019