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  • Not so long ago, together with all of you, we gathered thousands of winter jackets and shoes to distribute on Lesvos. However, since the number of donations exceeded the number of residents on Lesvos, together with Refugees4Refugees, we distributed the remaining items on the island of Samos, where it’s needed! A special thank you to Refugees4Refugees for all their help with this distribution. And once again, a huge thank you to all of you who provided warmth all throughout Lesvos and now on Samos! Stay tuned to find out more about our Movement on Samos! . . #movementontheground #winter #winterishere #samos
  • Yesterday showed us a couple of things. First, the situation on Lesvos is fragile, and it doesn’t take much for an accident to happen. But mostly it showed us that in these times, the brotherhood among residents, volunteers and other organizations on Lesvos is incredibly strong. . Everyone worked shoulder to shoulder yesterday to make sure the guys that lost their home had a safe and warm place to sleep last night. Together, we accomplished this. This situation helped us realize that we need to keep going, need to keep improving and that we can only do this together. . From today onwards, we’ll continue working the way we were already doing, with even more determination to provide a humane and dignified life for everyone. Thank you all for your solidarity. #movementontheground #olivegrove #teamontheground #thankyou
  • We can't say too much about it yet, but within 5 weeks we will organize a big sale of everything we had in the Movement Hotel! Think of beds, lamps, art and more. Going through our stuff we found these pictures of some of the people that visited us and can't help thinking that we're so proud of this project and everyone involved! ♥️ About the big sale, we'll keep you posted!
  • WE'RE LOOKING FOR A CONTENT CREATING INTERN! As of February, we need a new intern who’s keen on learning and working in a small team, creating big stories. The internship will be at Headsprung Agency, our partner in marketing and communications. But don't worry, you'll work from the MOTG HQ often enough! You'll work as part of the team that's responsible for our (online) content, and you'll gain skills in communications, marketing, content creating, journalism and storytelling. Headsprungis a creative agency with a strong footprint in content marketing. Is this internship what you've been looking for? Apply via link in bio! *Fluency in English is a MUST*
  • Winterization on Lesvos sums up what we're all about. On one hand we install awesome innovative nano heating panels together with our residents. On the other hand, we distribute blankets and winter clothing donated by you all ♥ Read all about how we deal with the winters on Lesvos via the link in our bio!
  • Together with Combibrug and Elk Kind Een Bal, we're supporting a new project, called "Children helping Children". . Dutch primary school Opmaat in Nieuw-Vennep was the first participant. The children made 500 heartwarming Christmas cards and sent them to their peers on Lesvos. On top of that the kids raised (and donated) €1080,- with their Christmas market. Does your school want to join this initiative? Reach out to us!