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  • WE DID IT! 🎉 | This morning our emergency transport arrived on Lesvos filled with essential goods for the residents and workers in and around Moria camp and Kara Tepe. . This transportation comes at critical time and we are so grateful to our partners @christianrefugeerelief for making this possible. The dedicated NGO decided to channel their energy into helping the remaining NGO’s that are still able to operate in the camps on Lesvos. This not only includes us, but also @stichtingbootvluchteling, @eurorelief and @because_we_carry. . The essential goods inside the transportation includes; clothing, gloves, masks and fire extinguishers as well as medical and hygiene goods that are of great need amidst this coronavirus pandemic. . It's been so energising to witness the realisation of this initiative. It’s proof that when people, groups and organisations come together so much can be achieved and great impact can be accomplished! . Head to our #linkinbio to read more about this initiative and make your contribution towards getting more essential goods to Lesvos! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus #solidarity #unity
  • The love, support and donations that we receive from you, our Movers, mean so much to us and to communities that we care for. That’s why, we’ve decided to start using Friday’s as an opportunity to share some of the most inspiring initiatives to come from of our MOTG community. We’re calling it #FortunateFriday. . This Friday, our shout out goes to three students from Nijmegen, Max, Lisa and Joris. Last Thursday evening, we received an email from the three friends, which detailed an initiative they started in order to raise money for MOTG. Looking for a way to give back during the #coronacrisis, Max, Lisa and Joris decided to go door-to-door selling oranges to the people of Nijmegen. And as you can read in their email, their inventive idea was a huge success! . We are so grateful for Max, Lisa and Joris' amazing donation, but more so for the kindness and compassion they have shown towards the residents living in camps on the Greek islands during this challenging time. . Want to know more about Max, Lisa and Joris’ initiative? Or perhaps you want to start your own? Check out our #linkinbio! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus
  • These are the words of one of our visiting volunteers, Ben Freeborn. The ambitious 20-year-old had spent a month and a half working in our Olive Grove #campUs before he had to face the decision to stay on #Lesvos or head back home to Singapore due to the #coronavirus pandemic. But Ben chose to stay. . After two weeks of precautionary quarantine, Ben is now back working in our Olive Grove campUs, and he couldn’t be happier to be reunited with our resident volunteer tent building team! . We were incredibly humbled by Ben’s decision to stay and work with us during this very uncertain time, so we decided to catch up with Ben to find out more about his decision, why our mission holds so much meaning for him and how he feel when working in and around Moria camp. You can read his full interview by heading to our #linkinbio. . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus #inspiringstories
  • Another set of happy customers! ✅ . Clothes, one of life’s basic needs. Clothes offer warmth, protection and an opportunity to express your style. But for the refugee population living on the Greek islands, clothing is a luxury. . And it’s for this exact reason that we run a free clothing store in Kara Tepe, a camp for the most vulnerable refugee cases on Lesvos. The store offers residents a new set of seasonal clothing every three months, from underwear and socks to dresses and shoes. . The beauty of this shop – especially during times of great uncertainty – is the normality that it brings back to resident’s lives. . To read more about how our clothing store operates, the precautions we are taking in-store due to #covid_19 and how you can support this project, visit our #linkinbio. . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus
  • Today, we lost a great humanitarian and a dear friend 🙏🏻 . Giannis Balpakakis, you shed blood, sweat and tears during your #Moria camp years. You were not always acknowledged for the great work and the passion you delivered every day to change Moria camp into a better destiny for all. . We will never forget your resilience, hard working nature and fighting spirit, but also how these qualities took from your energy. Being the ‘commander’ of the most infamous #refugee camp in Europe was far from easy, but you took on that responsibility. . You meant so much to so many people, but words will fail to make people to understand the unseen. Put simply, Giannis, it was an honour to serve humanity by your side. We will remember you for all of your great deeds. With love from everyone at Movement On The Ground.
  • When there’s a will, there’s a way! . Our #Lesvos team are currently working on a rotational schedule. This means only three of our coordinators are able to work in our Olive Grove #campUs outside #Moria camp on a two week rotation. This new way of working is one of many precautions we are taking in response to #covid_19. . But just because team’s access to the Olive Groves might have been minimised, it doesn’t mean it’s stopped them from carrying out our mission and supporting residents from a far. . On Friday evening, our coordinators and visiting volunteers, who have been self-isolating, worked together to prepare food packs for our resident volunteer team and their families. These food packs were then distributed on Saturday by our designated coordinators to a very grateful group of close to 100 resident volunteers. . These food packs were created to not only feed hungry bellies, but as a sign of appreciation, thanks and care. As our MOTG team can’t access the camps, these packs were a way of communicating that our team are still thinking and caring for the camp residents and are thankful for the way in which our resident team are driving our mission forward. . #camptocampus #togethertowardsdignity