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  • Bringing power to the people! In cold and dark winters, warmth and light are a basic necessity. Over time we've installed solar panels at our Kara Tepe CampUs, giving the residents light to read, or go to the bathroom at night. And it's sustainable! . . #movementontheground #solarpanels #sustainable #green #motg #lesvos
  • "I got a better insight on what the real situation is on Lesvos, and that made me think of possible solutions and how I can help." Each of the volunteers that help us on Lesvos have their own unique way of experiencing Lesvos. To read about Florine's, check out our latest article, the link is in our bio! . . #movementontheground #motg #lesvos
  • Did you know... UNO is an all-time favorite on our CampUS? This universal game where language barriers don't exist, and everyone understands the tragedy of a draw four when you already have a handful of cards! . . Foto credit: Frits Marchand
  • We're still looking for talented and experienced handymen to join us on Lesvos! Interested? Send your application to volunteer@movementontheground.com.
  • Are you a jack of all trade? A talented handyman with experience in construction work? We need you! Send us your application to volunteer@movementontheground.com. We are currently looking for a few handymen who can help us out with technical work around the campUS's asap! P.S. Handywomen are also welcome!
  • "At Movement On The Ground, the mentality is to just DO. It's more about getting on your feet and just doing, and going for it, and learning from your mistakes, and just figuring it out, and to know that you’re at least getting the ball rolling and you’re getting somewhere, even if it’s not perfect." - Isabel, project manager. . Want to know what it's like working at Movement On The Ground? What better person to tell you than our former project manager, Isabel. Link in bio 👆 . . #movementontheground #stories #lesvos