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  • This afternoon, on the 28th November 2019, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Block visited the MOTG CampUs in the Olive Groves surrounding the Moria camp. During his visit, Blok – along with his delegation – were able to gain a better understanding of the severity of the current situation around the Moria camp. He was given the opportunity to meet with one of the community residents, who kindly shared his story about his life in the Olive Groves. We were also able to show Blok the extent of our efforts to dignify the conditions in the Olive Groves. We shared with him our #CampToCampUs philosophy and introduced him to some of our resident volunteers who are assisting us in alleviating the stresses of the current situation. We want to thank Blok and his team for taking the time to come and meet with us today. We believe his visit comes at a critical time, winter is here and the situation in and around the Moria camp is only set to intensify. Now, we ask our Minister of Foreign Affairs to support in our mission to improve the dire circumstances that he witnessed today. We need action to be taken, and we need it to be taken now! #camptocampus #dignity #worktogether #makechangehappen Photo credit: Hussam Kafi
  • Over the last few days, the sunny skies of #Lesvos and #Samos have given way to increased rains and cooler temperatures. We are already starting to see the impacts of these changing weather conditions on the livelihood of the people in and around the camps. And the rains aren’t planning to settle any time soon. As a result, our dedicated team of international and resident volunteers, as well as local Greeks, are working OVERTIME to prepare our campUses for the harsh winter months ahead. It is during this time that we ask for your donations so that we can provide our residents with the appropriate clothing, shelter and supplies to help them stay protected, warm and dry. For more information on how you can help, visit our #linkinbio. On behalf of the residents of our campUses, THANK YOU for showing and sharing your support! #timefortents #winterisation #winter
  • Work hard, #yoga hard. That's the motto, right? Well, it certainly seems to be the motto of some of our incredibly dedicated resident volunteers. Currently, these men are working side by side with Greek contractors and international MOTG volunteers to create a more humane and dignified environment within our Olive Grove #campUs. Hit the link in bio to find out about these yogis recent work and how they are living and breathing our #CamptoCampUs philosophy. #workhardplayhard #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #dignity
  • Increasing the sense of dignity in and around the #Moria camp on #Lesvos is of great importance to us at Movement on the Ground. We always want to ensure that residents feel as safe and cared for as possible. It is this particular philosophy that has inspired the model for our recent distribution of shoes and socks in our Olive Grove. Hit the link bio to read more about the power of dignifying the distribution process and the positive impact it has had on our Olive Grove residents. #camptocampus #winter #dignity
  • While it’s important to recognise the strenuous circumstances in the #Lesvos and #Samos camps, it’s just as important to acknowledge the positive interventions that are helping to improve the living standards of camp residents. A few weeks ago, our friends at @because_we_carry started their annual winter jacket collection for the camp residents of Lesvos. Up to 15,000 warm and clean jackets were collected and now, these jackets are being distributed to the residents of the Olive Grove #campUs. This particular distribution is amongst one of the first of the winterisation process on Lesvos and is a practical way to ensure residents keep warm and dry during the harsh winter months. We as Movement on the Ground are delighted to be a part of the process, supporting in the transportation of the jackets as well as the dignified distribution of them to camp residents. And this is just the beginning! Right now, 8000 shoes and socks have also been delivered to Lesvos, with distribution scheduled for tomorrow. For more insight on this #winterisation initiative, check out our Facebook and Instagram stories! #camptocampus #winter #dignity #ngo
  • With the cooler temperatures and increased rains already sweeping over the Greek Islands, the current situation, which sees nearly 30,000 people living in dire conditions, is set to intensify. There’s no denying that the issue at hand is a pressing one so support and action is needed more than ever before! As a result, yesterday morning, a handful of prominent Dutch #NGO’s – big and small, agile-led and advocacy-based – came together to discuss and think in solutions about the situation at hand. Invited to the meeting were representatives from @amnestynl, @stvluchteling, @defenceforchildrennl, @artsenzondergrenzen, @oxfamnovib, #VluchtelingenWerk, @unicefnederland and of course, @movementonthegroundofficial. The diverse backgrounds of those gathered meant that many discussion points hit the table from the effectiveness of current activities being carried out in #Greece to what kind of solutions can be collectively implemented moving forward. Perhaps the most striking thing to come out of the meeting was the consensual push for a collaborative effort to resolve some of the most pressing concerns on the island this winter. What can be concluded from today is that powerful actions can occur when Dutch NGO’s stand in #solidarity. ✊ Photo credit: @mariekeodekerken #camptocampUS #dignityforall #empowerment #community