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  • With the cooler temperatures and increased rains already sweeping over the Greek Islands, the current situation, which sees nearly 30,000 people living in dire conditions, is set to intensify. There’s no denying that the issue at hand is a pressing one so support and action is needed more than ever before! As a result, yesterday morning, a handful of prominent Dutch #NGO’s – big and small, agile-led and advocacy-based – came together to discuss and think in solutions about the situation at hand. Invited to the meeting were representatives from @amnestynl, @stvluchteling, @defenceforchildrennl, @artsenzondergrenzen, @oxfamnovib, #VluchtelingenWerk, @unicefnederland and of course, @movementonthegroundofficial. The diverse backgrounds of those gathered meant that many discussion points hit the table from the effectiveness of current activities being carried out in #Greece to what kind of solutions can be collectively implemented moving forward. Perhaps the most striking thing to come out of the meeting was the consensual push for a collaborative effort to resolve some of the most pressing concerns on the island this winter. What can be concluded from today is that powerful actions can occur when Dutch NGO’s stand in #solidarity. ✊ Photo credit: @mariekeodekerken #camptocampUS #dignityforall #empowerment #community
  • An important day in The Hague. Yesterday Johnny de Mol and Adil Izemrane, two of our founders, had the opportunity to present a petition to several Members of Parmelent in our House of Representatives. With the petition they expressed our great concerns we have about the very dire situation on the Greek islands. The urgency is more pressing than ever and with record numbers of people stuck on the Greek islands, something needs to be done to not risk many unprotected lives this winter. It was a constructive meeting as we were able to talk about our sustainable, inclusive and cost-efficient “camp to campUs” approach and how that is making a positive impact on the ground. It was a lively conversation that resulted in tangible next steps for us to undertake in asking support from the Dutch government for expansion of our efforts. We thank all the representatives that took the time to speak to us and to accept the petition. We also take this opportunity to thank all the MP’s who have visited us on the islands and have been advocating on our behalf to their colleagues and about the urgent situation on the ground. We look forward to joined future steps in our mission: “Dignity for all”
  • Our focus on Lesvos & Samos is obviously on the situation in and around the CampUs’es. It only takes a look in the other direction to imagine that everything that is going on these beautiful islands challenges the local community in its livelihood. The towns and local people who are burdened also need our support just as much as the people that are being hosted. We’ve always valued our connection with the local community and because of our holistic approach our efforts have always been welcomed. As we say we are not here only for the refugees, but for the refugee crisis we will continue to pursue a dignified environment for all. #camptocampUS #dignityforall #empowerment #hosting #hosted #community
  • Our Dutch Minister for Migration, @ankiebroekersknol (Staatssecretaris (J&V) visited Lesvos. She witnessed first hand the reality on the ground. The situation of the people in Moria and the surrounding olive groves worries her. We shared our challenges and our Camp to CampUs philosophy. She encouraged our inclusive efforts and collaborative approach in finding sustainable and impactful solutions together with the Greek authorities in this complex environment. We are thankful for her constructive visit. The minister will convey her insights of the visit in Greece with the Dutch parlement. #camptocampUs #inclusion #collaboration
  • A message from our Moria Olive Grove CampUs manager @alishamseddin: "Shoulder to shoulder with Moria site management and the authorities we are working hard to improve the conditions in the Olive grove north part of Moria camp. Very grateful for the support and collaboration from the army to bring dignity to all. 🙏💪" With rains approaching this weekend we are working alongside all our partners and the campUs residents in a race against the clock to prepare everyone for the upcoming weather. #camptocampUs #collaboration #winterization
  • Dutch @GroenLinks leader @jesseklaver visited Lesvos some weeks ago. He was very well aware of the situation on the Greek islands, but seeing it first hand was still a shocking experience. Quote: "The circumstances are horrible, children are sleeping outside, there is too much garbage everywhere and the situation is on the verge of breaking and very volatile" As shocked as he was about the dire circumstances he was impressed about the positive impact which is being made with our "CamptoCampUs' approach and our team on the ground. He took the insights back to the Dutch Parlement and we hope he will spread the urgency and that we need political support and willingness from Holland and other EU member states to NGO's like us and the Greek authorities. Thank you mister Klaver for your visit and advocacy, we are looking forward to the much needed support to create a safe, dignified and protected environment for all.