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  • Waste-disposal is one of the most important projects we’re running on Samos at the moment. It’s not so glamorous, but it allows us to help the most vulnerable people seeking shelter on the island and, get them involved in creating a sustainable and healthy environment for everyone. Take a look at our eye-opening photo essay on our website to find out more about the situation on Samos and the improvements we are making there each day. #Samos #Environment #Sustainability #Humanity
  • “Despite the fact that they are not having an easy time, people there remain positive and smile and we can learn from that.” - Yassin (18 - Dutch student) Being disruptive in the humanitarian world, is also finding out ways we can give back to communities in other parts of Europe. As a part of that philosophy, a group of students from the mboRijnland visited us on Lesvos. They learnt about the refugee crisis, about themselves and about many of their classmates, who have a refugee background. It was an inspirational trip, that hopefully helps the youngsters to be more pro-active about their own future. Read all about the trip and the (life) lessons learned via the stories on our website. #givingback #lifelessons #learningonlesvos
  • Are you a free-thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you identify with our disruptive approach to the humanitarian world? Are you a native Dutch speaker who’s also fluent in English? . We’re looking for Field & Engagement Representative to be the face of our organisation on Lesvos and we’re interested to hear from you if you fit this criteria. . People who have experience outside of the humanitarian world are especially encouraged to apply! Take a look at the job post on our website for full details on the position.
  • These sunnier spring days are welcome after a week of rain on Lesvos. But when temperatures go up in a few months, playing in the sun will turn to sweltering in the heat and that’s when things like sunstroke become an issue for our residents. We already have a plan in place to help our residents cope with the heat. They’re called cool-spots and they’re an ingenious and innovative way of creating shade and building community all at the same time. Using a wooden structure and plants from Lesvos, cool-spots will be situated near playgrounds and other family areas, tuned into the temperature to spray mist onto people according to how hot the weather is. You can help us build these cool spots, and you don't even have to be a handy (wo)man. Money makes the world go round, and this case is no different. Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference for us and the people on Lesvos. Follow the link in bio for a cool(er) summer on Lesvos ☀❤
  • “Even if it’s out of the media and out of your sight, boats arrive everyday, people are living in tents, people are arriving in your city and struggling to understand your language […] they’re not that scary and it’s easy to meet and say hello. Most cultures enjoy tea and coffee and chats and gossip, its quite easy to just go and say hello to somebody and you might learn something. Support local organisations and civil society that are doing their best, to fight a lot of tension and political narratives, when it’s really just about people connecting.” Words of wisdom to carry with you this weekend, from one of the founders of our movement, Laura Jansen at the @tsh_bedtalks. #people #community #connecting #humanity #movementontheground
  • We’re always in search of ways we can improve what we do, to adapt and evolve to the needs of our residents. . Our Digital Learning Lab is just one example. We started out teaching classes in only English. But with the majority of our residents from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria we knew we needed to diversify the languages we teach in, especially to help out our younger students. . This week we are celebrating being able to offer Digital Learning Lab classes in Arabic, alongside our Farsi and English speaking classes. With attendance to all our DLL classes full, we think the results speak for themselves. #movementontheground #growth #arabic #farsi #digitallearninglab