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  • The women of Kara Tepe inspire us every single day with their persevering spirit. They are strong. Much stronger than anyone ever thought, but this journey hasn’t taken away their kindness and ability to love. Thanks to the amazing work of @womenxwomen and their auction last night, we’re able to contribute to the future of these women, by giving them a real space that will be there’s - for them to grow as individuals, to nurture their spirit, to learn and to share their knowledge. So that they may never change. ♥
  • What is it like to leave the country you grew up in and start a life, somewhere totally new? . Journalist Sinan Can, gave a sensitive portrayal of just that in his documentary the Class of Elias recently. Sinan tracks down the school friends of Elias, in the last remaining class photo the young teenager shares with his friends, before they were dispersed by the start of conflict in the city of Aleppo. . We sat down with Sinan recently to talk all about the two part documentary, as well as everything he's learned about the refugee journey from his work. Read our interview with him here ➝ http://bit.ly/sinansessions2
  • Repost ➝ @johnnydemolofficial Thank you for the support 🙏Forever grateful for our community. Het wordt een bijzondere avond voor @movementonthegroundofficial Top fotografen hebben hun werk gedoneerd om een speciaal project voor vrouwen van de grond te krijgen op Lesbos. Harder nodig dan ooit. Help je mee? Je kunt via https://www.womenxwomen.org de foto's bekijken en online bieden. Wil je meer informatie of de foto's in het echt zien? Mail dan snel naar: info@movementontheground.com. @womenxwomen_ams@movementonthegroundofficial #thankyou #letsmakethishappen
  • Yesterday two boats arrived on Lesvos. That’s regrettably nothing out of the ordinary, but yesterday was different. At least 7 people drowned on the shores of Lesvos, 57 others stranded in horrid conditions. Among them little children. What must have started as a journey to a better life ended dramatically for 64 innocent people that had left Turkey in a rubber dinghy that morning early. Together with sister organization Because we Carry we helped where er we could Moria site management by providing basic needs and comfort. It felt like a mere gesture in the dramatic event but we did it. Our powerlessness to prevent losses at sea will continue to be fuel for our hearts on the ground to provide to those who made it protection, peace and dignity. Our thoughts are with the deceased, the survivors and their relatives... not only of yesterday, but of all people who are touched this crisis. Events like yesterday only strengthen our belief that the work we do is necessary, and that we have to keep pushing for a better world for everyone.
  • Eid Mubarak! Here’s a snippet of our Hope Tree at our Kara Tepe CampUs Eid party a few nights ago. Children got to write down their one wish on a small wooden plank and hang it up on the tree just outside our garden. No games consoles or toys asked for here, just simple dreams towards a hopeful future. Read more about our other activities on our website!
  • SINAN SESSIONS Journalist, Sinan Can, has spent the last eight years making documentaries in the Middle-East and has been at the heart of conflict and crisis in the region. Sinan is also a long time friend of Movement On The Ground, he’s followed our work from the beginning and seen what we’ve achieved in Lesvos. Who better to provide our followers with some context and fit our Movement into the broader picture of everything that’s going on in the world. In the first of three sessions, Sinan talks to us about the origins of the refugee crisis and the Middle-East - the place where the majority of arrivals to Lesvos come from. Read all about his perspective in the latest story on our website!