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  • Emergency situation update! Our team on the ground together with our international volunteers and resident volunteers are working around the clock to relief the situation on the island. Boats continue to keep arriving on a daily basis and more and more people are pressured in their livelihood. On request of Moria site management we have assissted last Sunday with the transfer of vulnerable families from the olive grove of almost 1500 people to the mainland. Unfortunately we are still at an alarming number of 10.000 people of whom still many in dire circumstances. We will continue fighting for their well being day and night together with our sister organization @because_we_carry with our emergency response. We also like to take the opportunity of thanking all of you followers, supporters and donors for the help we are receiving from all over the world. Your love is amazing and fuel to our hearts. Our recourses dry up fast so please get in touch with us directly on info@movementontheground.com for questions and specific support. For general emergency response donations please donate at www.movementontheground.com/donation For our Dutch donors please use the following 2 direct links for a quick proces: tikkie.me/pay/2sei62ratkdob2m67eae (15 euro) tikkie.me/pay/ommhsp2266pgk6eg3qdl (25 euro) With love from Lesvos ♥️
  • Last night in Moria: a new angel is born. We wish the mama and baby all the luck in the world ❤️ A big thanks to @because_we_carry and everyone else that helped 💪
  • Emergency declaration for Moria Hotspot situation. For the first time in the history of Movement on the Ground we officially announce an emergency state for Europe’s largest refugee camp; Moria hotspot. With 10.000 lives residing in dire circumstances and with an average influx of 100+ people daily we urge for extraordinary measures including decongestion to the mainland. Lack of shelter, lack of medical aid and lack of protection are creating an inhumane and insecure environment for very vulnerable people including 600+ Un Accompanied Minors. We continue our relentless efforts on the ground in support of Moria management providing first response. At the same time we urge the Greek government and EU member states to take immediate action in preventing further unfolding or escalating humanitarian emergencies. As of the 1st of September 2019 all our efforts and resources will be directed towards emergency response as the lives, rights and well-being of the 7000 people inside Moria and the more than 3000 people forced to live unprotected in adjecent olive groves is threatened. This is unacceptable to be happening in Europe! Movement on the Ground will need all the support in this emergency and calls out for help @ movementontheground.com
  • The situation is almost reaching a breaking point. This is our Olive Grove campUs, where we are currently building tents on every available centimeter. In addition, we have started doing night & early morning emergency responce to new arrivals together with @because_we_carry. A round of patrol inside and around Moria during which we try to help the absolute most vulnerable. We distribute blankets, give women with little children diapers and provide people who are on the ground with yoga mats so they have something to sleep on. People are lacking absolutely basic needs. Like underwear, hygiene items, food and water. The collaboration with other NGO’s is of utmost importance right now, and we are having meetings to coordinate our plans. We can use all the help we can get —> please donate because really, every donation makes a big difference at this moment.
  • Now that the dust has (kind of) settled, we can see the results of our #TimeForTents campaign. We’ve been able to raise funds for 275(!) families! A tremendous result, which immediately impacts the situation on Samos. Thanks to all festival lovers (especially @lizanne.leandra from @lowlands_fest). Thank all of you for your support, on behalf of the men, women and children that will sleep a little bit safer.
  • Words will fail to express our feelings. We are devastated and heartbroken... Last Saturday evening a dramatic event took place and during a fight amongst minors 3 boys were hospitalized. Our team members on duty were called in to the scene on request of the police and conducted mental support to the other children that were present during the event. Tragically during the night the news arrived that one of the boys had passed away. Our sincere condoleances and thoughts go out to his relatives and beloved ones. We will do what ever we have in our means to support his family and the other children in this great loss. It is at this moment a heavy situation for all of us on the island as amongst the higher number of new arrivals there is an alarming number of UnAccompanied Minors. We will intensify our efforts in supporting the responsible actors with this very vulnerable group in the hope we can prevent more tragic events. With love and a heavy heart, Lesvos, Movement on the Ground.