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  • This is Giorgos, a #Lesvos local and incredibly talented baker. . Giorgos has his own bakery on the island, with #baklava serving as one of his signature bakes. That’s why we chose to support Giorgos’ business during this year’s Ramadan. . Over the past month, Giorgos baked over 2,000 pieces of baklava a week for the fasting Kara Tepe community. And just this weekend, he prepared 8,300 pieces in support of our Eid-Fitr distribution in the Olive Groves outside of Moria camp. . We are so grateful for Giorgos’ dedication during the month of Ramadan – his efforts helped to provide food for many people after long days of fasting. His heart, compassion and hardworking nature truly encapsulates the spirit of the Lesvos community. . #togethertowardsdignity #Ramadan #EidMubarak
  • #EidMubarak | After a month of fasting, prayer and reflection, those of Islamic faith in our community now mark the end of Ramadan with Eid al-Fitr, or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. . For many of our resilient residents of Kara Tepe and the Olive Groves, Eid al-Fitr serves as one of the most significant celebrations of the year. And in support of the symbolic end to Ramadan, we joined forces with @because_we_carry to complete an extra distribution of healthy and tasty food to the residents of both camps with support of our beloved @chooselove . It was beautiful to see – for one final time this month – the power and impact of these kinds of distributions. The smiles it brings to peoples faces and the gratitude it brings to peoples hearts. . This year’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr has taught us that when we step across barriers and share significant cultural experiences, we strengthen bonds and our shared sense of humanity. . #togethertowardsdignity #EidMubarak
  • Sending our thanks and gratitude to our amazing partner @pranamat. This massage-set company has handmade 500 reusable facemasks for our coordinators, visiting volunteers and resident volunteers on Lesvos and Samos. . Despite #COVID19 restrictions now easing on the Greek islands, we remain conscious that the disease still poses a threat to the residents living in Kara Tepe, Moria camp and Vathy camp. . That’s why we are continuing to protect to the best of our ability the #health and #wellbeing of these vulnerable men, women and children. These masks are one of the ways we can. . Our thanks again to Pranamat. We are so humbled to work with a like-minded partner who has responded to the demands of the corona crisis by developing much-needed face masks. (They’re best known for their massage mats!) . During these challenging times, it is gestures like this that help us continue our mission towards dignity! . #dignityforall #COVID19 #Pranamat
  • A heartfelt moment from Kara Tepe 🥰 . As COVID-19 restrictions have started to ease across Lesvos, this week, we were able to resume our Kara Tepe special needs program under new safety measures. After being on hold for the last few months, our young participants and program coordinators were so excited to be able to restart sessions. . “It’s so great to see this program resume. After just two sessions we see how communication and cooperation already improves amongst these children,” program coordinator Konstantina explains. . “It was also wonderful to work with Bahare again. This determined young girl is blind but capable of so much, like building Jenga towers and solving puzzles.” . We feel so proud to see this program recommence and to witness the positive impact it’s already having on these young children and their families. . To learn more about this program and how you can support it, head to our #linkinbio. . #togethertowardsdignity #covid19 #CRPDNow #inclusiveCovid19 #inclusionanddiversity #disabilityinclusion #peoplewithdisabilities #disability #diversity #inclusion
  • Meet Kane, one of our dedicated and resilient Olive Grove campUs coordinators. . From the moment #COVID19 posed a threat to the already vulnerable refugee population on Lesvos, Kane has been working on the frontline to safeguard their wellbeing. . “The most challenging aspect of this crisis is the inability for social distancing in an overcrowded camp of 20,000 people,” Kane explains. “That’s why I’ve been helping to carry out MOTG’s COVID-19 response, such as educating residents about the virus and working with partner NGOs to bring more wash units to our zones.” . For Kane, his motivation during this period has been our resident volunteers. “In the midst of this terrible crisis, our residents stepped up and came closer to realising our vision of a camp run by the community for the community.” . We want to thank Kane for working together with us during this challenging period towards dignity. If you want to support our coordinators carry out our mission in Greece, head to our #linkinbio for more details. . #togethertowardsdignity
  • This #FortunateFriday we would like to honour #InternationalDayForFamilies. . Today, we take the time to reflect on what family means to us – trust, respect, kindness, compassion and love. . For us, family is not just those who we are related to by blood, but those we relate to in spirit. . Our Movement On The Ground family is unique and diverse. It’s a melting pot of cultures, values and mindsets. Of changemakers, dreamers and movers. Of workers, volunteers, residents and locals. It’s our family who keep us motivated and connected. . And for those who have lost, fought for or never known their family, you are in our hearts and you will always be a part of our family. . #togethertowardsdignity . Photo credit: Joey O'Loughlin & Gijs Wessles