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  • Whether it's donating, collecting, or volunteering on Lesvos, all of you that support us stepped up to help because you "felt you needed to do something." That's exactly what Fabienne thought when she volunteered on Lesvos. Intrigued to know what her experiences were? Check out her story through the link in our bio! . . #movementontheground #motg #lesvos #volunteerontheground
  • Putting the power of imagination to work! Theatre group @changingstories_ visits us on Lesvos for the second time at the end of November to create a new play, together with children from Moria. . With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can be everyone and go everywhere. Thanks @changingstories_ _ for this great initiative! . P.S This Sunday there's a "Changing Sunday" event with musicians, dancers and workshops to collect funds for this project. Check out the Instagram and Facebook page of Changing Stories for more info! . . #movementontheground #changingstories #lesvos #motg #greece
  • Fact of the day: Last year, Degree-n provided us with Nano heating panels which we placed all throughout our Kara Tepe campus and a few in Moria. This helped us a lot during the cold winter! The heating systems are sustainable as the use of fossil fuels is reduced to a minimum, making Nano Infrared technology as its leading factor! . . #factfriday #movementontheground #factoftheday #winteriscoming
  • Thanks to the UEFA and Sport Welcomes Refugees we organized a football tournament last week! ⚽️ Involving children in sports and giving them healthy competition encourages participation, teamwork and self-esteem. These are all champions 🏆.
  • What's a home without home-cooked meals? Exactly! Kara Tepe residents cook their own food in the communal kitchens, resulting in a wide variety of delicious dishes! . . #movementontheground #motg #lesvos #cookingtogether
  • COLLECTION POINTS AVAILABLE NOW! Check out our Collection points in the link in our bio 👆. Be sure to let your local collector know what day you want to drop by (10th or 11th of November, between 10 am and 4 pm.) via email! You can also coordinate with your collector to see if posting via DHL is also an option. . ***We ONLY gather: * WINTER JACKETS MAN / WOMAN / CHILD * SKI SUITS FROM 0 TO 6 YEARS * WINTER SHOES SIZE 21 TO 45. . THE RULES 🙏: -Everything that is delivered must be in good, clean and complete condition. -Items must smell nice and look great. No crumbs in pockets, no body warmers, no rain jackets. -WE ONLY GIVE THE BEST AWAY. . Please separate your items at the collection point; for example, all the male S jackets go in one bag, while jackets for boys aged 1-2 go in another bag. (So, all items are separated correctly when they reach the island). Also, please tie shoe laces together or tie it together with an elastic band so they don't get lost! . To see how to divide your items accordingly, please check our article, “The big winter donation”, on our Website: movementontheground.com ! . LET’S.DO.THIS! . . #movementontheground #motg #lesvos #winteriscoming