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We are Movement On The Ground. We are an organisation of real, genuine and motivated humans responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes.

Motivated to bring change to the humanitarian field, Movement On The Ground's mission is to enable human relief, cultivate solutions and drive sustainable change with and for refugees and their host communities. We believe everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from, should live in a healing and self-sustaining environment.

At the core of our mission is our Camp to campUs philosophy, the concept of transforming refugee hotspots into safe, healing and dignified environments. A place where refugees feel empowered and included in the running of services and projects. Where both host and hosted community can feel included and valued. 

Our Camp to campUs philosophy is something that we have developed and nurtured, and we are now realising just how impactful this approach is in relation to the reception of refugees across the globe.

We believe every human has the right to a dignified and safe journey, especially when forced to move from their home country. To ensure we maintain our projects to help and improve the lives of such people, we plan to initiate many more successful projects by 2030. For every action we take, we keep three crucial keywords in mind; Impact, Scale, and Disrupt.

  • IMPACT: When preparing to take action, we always ask ourselves, are we making an impact on people’s lives? How can we make an even bigger impact? Our goal is to impact the lives of over 12 million people by 2030.
  • SCALE: With the success of our Camp to CampUS concept on Lesvos, we plan to spread this project across the globe by 2030.
  • DISRUPT: We always want to disrupt the game by being an innovative and impactful player in the NGO field.


We are active on the Greek islands of Lesvos, Samos and recently expanded our mission to Athens. We run a range of different human-centred projects based on the locations we work. 

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Our ambition is to generate awareness about what is happening in the locations we work, spread the word about our mission and change the public perception of what is means to be a refugee. Check out our past and current campaigns to see how we do this.

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We have always dared to do things differently. We believe it's our disruptive approach that has enabled us to make real and imactful change for people on the move. We plan to apply this on a larger and more sustainable scale in the new year. In 2021, we plan to take disruptive steps forward with our advocacy.

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We believe in a world where we cease to exist, where we are no longer needed because the people we support have a safe and dignified place to call home. To reach this ideal, we have to take some crucial steps first. 

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