Physical Donations

Does Movement On The Ground need physical donations?

We prefer to support the local economy and not burden the planet with transport. However, there are instances when specific donations are needed as they cannot be bought on the island. Please contact us to find out what is needed at the moment.

I want to donate clothing 

As needs for various items constantly change on the island, we ask that you get in touch with us via contact form. This way we can send you an updated list of what we are currently in need of. We will require you to send all donations to our warehouse in the Netherlands, where we collect all items for transport to Lesvos.

My company would like to collaborate how best can this be done? 

Thank you for considering collaborating with us, we can use all the help and support we can get! Please send us a message with the contact form, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Financial Donations

What is the best way to make my donation? 

There are several ways to donate financially to us:

1. Click on the button below to go to our online donation form
2. IBAN: NL86 RABO 0307 9928 10
3. To: Stichting Movement On The Ground
4. BIC-number: RABONL2U
5. Reference: General Donation
6. Bank-Name: Rabobank Group
7. Bank-address: Polarisavenue 150, 2132 JX Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
8. Address of organization: Postbus 9082, 1006AB Amsterdam
9. If you would prefer an invoice or a donation receipt for tax purposes, then please send us an email, info@movementontheground.com Your email will not be used further, if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter please visit our contact page
10. Phone call: By calling 0900-6683636 you will also be donating 1 euro per minute 


What is your VAT number?

As we are an NGO, we do not have a VAT number, instead, we have an RSIN number: 855840171

What are your bank account details?

IBAN: NL86 RABO 0307 9928 10
Bank-Name: Rabobank Group
Bank-address: Polarisavenue 150, 2132 JX Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Account name: Stichting Movement On The Ground
Address of organization: attn. MOTG / Collab, street: Wibautstraat 131D, postal code: 1091GL city: Amsterdam country: The Netherlands

Do you have an ANBI status?

Yes! We do.

How much of the 1 euro that I pay per minute when I call your donation line goes directly to MOTG? 

From the 1 euro you pay, 56 cents goes directly to MOTG.


I want to know more about volunteering with you

Please send us a message with our contact form, then we can send you all the general information about volunteering with us

What do volunteers do for MOTG? 

As a volunteer on Lesvos, you will be involved in different projects, such as our Digital Learning Lab, community kitchens, clothing shop, community centre, football program and electricity program. That means, one day you might help the residents find the right clothing in our shop and sort clothing in the warehouse, while the next day you may teach a computer basics class and assist with a football training session. If you are part of the Amsterdam team, you could be helping us with donations, administrative items, or helping us spread the word at a specific event. If any of this interests you, please fill out our online volunteer application form!

What is the daily schedule of a volunteer on Lesvos? 

Each day is different. Because the schedules of the different projects do not coincide, the volunteer's schedule varies per day. If you are scheduled for the clothing store, your day might start at 9:30 AM. For the community kitchen program, your day will start in the afternoon and can last until 21:00 PM. In general, volunteers will be working approximately 10 hours per day with the necessary breaks in between.

How much does it cost to volunteer on Lesvos? 

Costs vary depending on the time of year, flight costs vary greatly. It also depends on the type of accommodation you choose to stay in. In general, apart from the flight & accommodation you will need to cover transport (to and from your accommodation to the camp), food and drink. We estimate that food & drink costs between 15-30 euro per day. Transport, if shared, could be between 5-10 euro per day. In addition, we ask that all volunteers donate towards our daily activities. We ask for a minimum of 200 euros be donated prior to arrival on the island. This money is used for activities, or saved for emergency situations. Many volunteers also fundraise via their social media networks to gather more funds for our work, this is a personal choice and can also be done upon return from Lesvos.

What is the minimum time I have to commit to volunteer on Lesvos? 

We ask that all volunteers come to volunteer with us on Lesvos for a least 2 weeks. The reason for this is because it often takes a few days to adjust to the volunteer program and to learn how we work. In addition, it creates a more stable environment for the camp residents (refugees).

I would like to volunteer in the Netherlands, what options are there for this? 

First of all, thank you for offering your help, we are always so grateful for people who have extra time they want to spend helping us. There are two ways you can choose to volunteer for us in the Netherlands:

1. You can join our Army of Lovers group. These are people in the Netherlands that have offered to help us with specific events and donations which can be packing or transporting from one place to another. When we need specific help, we reach out to this group of volunteers asking for help and whoever has time and wants to help lets us know. If you are interested in joining our Army of Lovers then please send an email to office@movementontheground.com or info@movementontheground.com

2. We always need support in the office, but this requires a weekly commitment, as we then rely on this person to handle certain tasks or projects per week. This could be an extended period of time or just a few weeks (we ask for a minimum of 8 weeks commitment to make it worth your and our time).

What are our criteria for volunteering on Lesvos?

Our criteria are the following:

● You are above the age of 21 years old
● You can come to Lesvos to volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks
● You are financially independent (this means you can pay for yourself during your time as a volunteer; flight, food & drinks and transport on the island). We are unable to cover any costs of our volunteers
● You have insurance

Is it safe to volunteer on Lesvos? 

Yes, but to guarantee your safety we always advise our team members to stay in the vicinity of the rest of the volunteer group, or to stay with one other team member. We also ask our volunteers to stay connected and updated via our team Whatsapp group.

Where can I stay?

You need to arrange your own accommodation. For volunteers staying longer than a month, there can be the option of staying in our volunteer house. However, space here is limited, and if there is space it will cost you 10 euro per night.

I am a student can I do an internship with MOTG?

Please send us an email with your motivation, your CV and the length of time that you are available to intern for to info@movementontheground.com

Where can I contact you?

If you have any questions or if you want to become a partner, advisor or maybe a supporter, please feel free to contact us.
Do you have a question about volunteering? Please check our FAQ page, or to apply directly fill in our digital application form (link).

Is it possible to interview one of the MOTG team members?

We are happy to take interviews, please send your request to info@movementontheground.com and we will do our best to reply within 4 business days.

How do I ask you some questions about your work on Lesvos/Amsterdam for a publication?

For any press or media related questions please email: press@movementontheground.com