An impactful year on Samos, Greece


Step into the heart of a transformative journey as we recap a remarkable year of our mission in Samos island, Greece. For the last couple of years, our dedicated MOTG team embarked on a mission to create a positive change from the ground up for those seeking asylum and their host community. 

Inside the camp, after identifying the primary needs of the residents, we co-created programs with them to relieve the pressing conditions. This included a laundry program, ensuring cleanliness and dignity. Nutritious food distribution, sports, education, recreation, digital skills build and stress relief activities became our cornerstones inside the camp's confines.

New phase

When the time came to leave the camp for reasons beyond our control, our determination to make a lasting impact with and for the community remained. We rented a nearby plot of land from a local Greek and united with our community volunteers and colleague humanitarian actors to set up our CampUs. 

Together, we transformed a dusty, barren, open field into a thriving sanctuary filled with gardens, activities, sports, music, food, and more. A place where camp residents can escape the shadows of camp life and continue their educational pursuits. With dedication and perseverance, our Camp to CampUs philosophy provides daily purpose, unlocks human potential, integration and bridges gaps in the local community. 

Positivity and inclusion are our paths as we walk the journey of integration. Together, we build dreams of a better future, proving that unity has the power to rewrite destinies. 

Education is the way forward

Central to our vision is the unwavering belief that education opens doors to integration. Our Digital Learning Lab is the conduit to empowerment, offering digital courses ranging from coding to language lessons. 

With dedication and effort, our residents earn internationally established college and University certificates, equipping them with essential skills to contribute to the workforce and enrich the economies of their chosen destinations.

At the foundation of every success story sits the resilience of our residents, their unwavering motivation a testament to the human spirit's strength. As we reflect on this impactful year, we extend our gratitude to our community volunteers, the local Greek population, and fellow NGOs. Your support transformed lives, casting ripples of change that will resonate for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating a year of empowerment, collaboration, and hope. Our mission continues, fueled by the collective belief that when we stand in unity, together, we will shine light in even the darkest moments of life.

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