Lesvos in the Cold: Warm, Dry, and Full of Chai

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 Winter has come to the island of Lesvos. It comes at an already difficult time. 

It's going to be a cold winter on Lesvos. But with your help, it can be one of warm tea, warm shelters, and a community working together to get through it. Please help make every person living in the camp Warm, Dry, and Full of Chai!

The cold grasp of winter is fast approaching Lesvos, and the need for warmth becomes paramount. Your support is instrumental in making this season one of certainty. A community united in ensuring every person in the camp is Warm, Dry and Full of Chai.

Due to the influx of thousands of new arrivals in recent months, the camp on Lesvos is facing a critical shortage of capacity. Despite being designed for less than half its current population, over 5200 refugees now reside in the camp. Movement on the Ground has worked hard together with camp volunteers to alleviate the challenges caused by the stretched resources. As the winter takes hold of  the island, the situation has further deteriorated. The residents of the camp need your help.

When our team starts a mission, we form a tight-knit team with the community already living inside the camp. These residents volunteer to create and run programs and projects together with us, becoming Community Volunteers. They help to improve their own circumstances and those of their community, and because of their help, your donation can go directly to providing the necessary equipment and supplies. As you can see below, every donation therefore makes a huge impact. 


The significance of something as simple as a comforting cup of coffee or tea should not be underestimated. Thanks to the Chai Point, a free cup of warm coffee or tea is given out during the day, offering a small but meaningful source of warmth  on a cold day. With your help we can keep the Chaipoint running every day, bringing warmth and cheer to everyone in the camp.

"In the face of challenging times on the island of lesvos, with dropping temperatures and a surge in new arrivals, the refugee community stands united and eager to support one another."Maria Casini,  Head of Operations


Lacking any source of heating, a well-constructed shelter remains far too cold to live in. Our initiative involves installing energy-efficient EVO heaters to transform these cold housing units into liveable spaces. With your donation, we can make another family's home warm.

"The new people are now staying in the big tents, that are not good and very cold. Hopefully the new tents we are building will give people somewhere warmer to stay."

Ahmad, Community Volunteer. 


Confronting  tough weather conditions  on a empty stomach makes it very difficult to stay warm, to learn, work or help others within the community. Therefore, we provide breakfast to help residents stay active during this cold season. This initiative is especially crucial for those who dedicate their time to build shelters and implement improvements; it’s a small gesture, but it goes a long way. With your donation, even more residents can receive something as important as a good breakfast on cold morning.


Shelter is the primary need within  the camp, without a warm place to sleep, a family is very vulnerable to the elements. The challenging task of constructing temporary housing is intensified by extremely windy conditions inside the camp. Thorough planning can transform a Refugee Housing Unit into a stronghold of warmth and resilience, providing a safe shelter from the winter.

Please help us keep the community Warm, Dry and Full of Chai!