Food Unites

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This campaign is now complete. Thanks to your efforts, we were able to raise €34,000 and help provide food for the residents fo RIC Lesvos during Ramadan.

It’s true that everybody needs (and loves) food, right?! Though the specifics of how and what we eat differ across cultures, countries, class status and whatever else separates us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to us that food remains a privilege within our societies. We fear the idea of supermarket shelves emptying out. We crave the moment when we can meet with friends at a restaurant. But what remains a reality, is that many people simply don’t have the money or capacity to access good food.

Right now, people living in refugee camps on the Greek islands are limited in their freedom of movement. For them, food is everything and their inability to access the groceries they desire remains an issue. With Ramadan right around the corner – a celebration that involves fasting – accessibility to good food is imperative for the communities we work with and for.

Photography credit: Nikos Kokkas


We at Movement On The Ground believe that food has the power to create a sense of belonging for people. Food unites, as everyone can resonate with that feeling of eating their favourite meal and even more so, sharing that meal with ones they love.

For the months of April and May, we want to show the world that food is our common ground. We want to connect people over delicious dishes. But most importantly, we want to raise needed awareness and funds to help improve food accessibility for people on the move. 


We want to raise €32,000 to help improve food accessibility for refugees living in camps on Lesvos. With this amount we will be able to:

  • Provide two Ramadan food distributions for the residents of RIC Lesvos and Kara Tepe.
  • Cover the running costs of our four food lines in RIC Lesvos as well as additional dry food distributions to the community for one month.


There are plenty of ways you can join the 'Food Unites' movement. After all, food is our common ground!

1. Join the coversation: If cooking isn’t really your thing, but you love food inspired content, simply jump online and share the ‘Food Unites’ movement. Share our posts, stories, recipes and interviews and generate needed attention about food accessibility for refugees. Check out our Instagram for more content

2. Make a donation: Help us improve food accessibility for people on the move by making a contribution via our donation page. You can also visit and donate a Ramadan food package to a resident living in RIC Lesvos.

3. Take part in our Hummus Masterclass: We've teamed up with Amsterdam-based Syrian celebrity chef Zina Abboud to host the first ever Movement On The Ground cooking event, 'Yalla Let's Eat'. Learn the secrets behind Zina's signature hummus by purchasing a ticket for this event. Tickets are €25 and the total price will go towards improving food accessibility for people on the move. Purchase your ticket

4. Start your own Food Unites fundraiser: Do you love to cook? Host your very own virtual, Covid-safe cooking event and raise money by inviting your dinner party guests to make a donation to improve food accessibility for refugees. Don't forget to share content from your event on social media using the hashtag #foodunites! You can get started by using our fundraising platform.

Photography credit: Nikos Kokkas


We are Movement On The Ground. We are an organisation of real, genuine and motivated humans responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes. We believe everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from, should live in a healing and self-sustaining environment. We dream of a world where people forced from their homes have the freedom to choose another place to call home.