One Hug Away

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The past year has brought a series of unprecedented challenges, one of the greatest being the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced people across the globe to isolate from the ones they love. Now, more than ever, we crave human connection. We all want to feel and give love. 

This phenomenon is a fate long experienced by the people we work with and for. People who have had to flee their homes in search of safety, often unsure as to when or if they will be able to hug the ones they love again.

Hugs are a globally recognised action that connect us, human to human. Starting on the 21st January 2021, International Hugging Day, we invite you to help us to create the world’s largest virtual hug. For the next four weeks (and beyond) we want people across the globe to feel the warmth and connectivity a hug can bring. We want people to feel connected to one another. And of course, we want to generate much needed attention to the current circumstances experienced by people on the move. Because at the end of the day – not matter who we are or where we come from – we are all only one hug away!


Right now, people on the move, who like all of us, crave human connection and belonging, are living dire conditions, intensified by the harsh winter weather and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A hug is synonymous with the feelings of warmth and connectivity. A hug makes you feel loved. A hug makes you feel human.

Like a hug, we want to bring warmth into the lives of people on the move with hot showers and clothing.

Like a hug, we want to bring connectivity into the lives of people on the move with community building activities and phone credit, so they too can send virtual hugs to the ones they love.

Like a hug, we want to provide immediate, on-the-ground solutions with and for people on the move to help them feel human.  

Like our 'One Hug Away' movement, we want this to happen now, because winter is here and we cant afford to wait.

By supporting Movement On The Ground, you can help us fulfil these ambitions that are part of our greater mission


It’s simple!

  1. Just film or take a photo of yourself giving or asking for a hug.
  2. Share your hug on Instagram or the social media platform of your choice and nominate two friends to join the Movement.
  3. Don’t forget to use the following caption and hashtags when you post: "Give a hug to someone who needs one. Ask for a hug if you need one. It only takes one hug to join the Movement. @tagfriend1 and @tagfriend2, will you join @movementonthegroundofficial to create the world’s largest hug that connects us all? At the end of the day, we’re all human, craving connection, no matter who we are or where we are from. We’re all only one hug away. To learn more about the hugging humans behind this campaign, head to #hugaway #giveahug #needahug"
  4. Learn more about Movement On The Ground and our mission. If you support our cause and want to help people on the move feel the warmth and connective that a hug represents, make a donation.

Share your hug!


We are Movement On The Ground. We are an organisation of real, genuine and motivated humans responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes. We believe everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from, should live in a healing and self-sustaining environment. We dream of a world where people forced from their homes have the freedom to choose another place to call home.

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