Warm, Dry and full of Chai

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Winter has arrived and we need your help keeping the camp community warm, dry and full of chai.

Rain or shine, each day, more than 200 camp residents volunteer with MOTG, helping create an environment that is safer, healing and more dignified. 

Living in camps on Lesvos, Samos and Chios, Community Volunteers are responsible for the day-to-day activities of improving the lives of thousands of other people forced to flee their homes.

Without them, Movement On The Ground can't exist.

These are the people that...

  • distribute the food;
  • run the kids’ sports programmes;
  • maintain people’s homes;
  • cut hair and repair clothes;
  • add colour, nature and joy to places where some wouldn’t think it could exist;
  • teach English, computer skills and fitness sessions;
  • use their talents, and their time to help others.

They’re mums and dads. Brothers and sisters. They’re family.

How it supports the community

Funds raised will be used to help ensure the 200 community volunteers have the right clothes for the harsh winter conditions, allowing them to continue supporting the rest of the residents. Rain boots, a raincoat, a warm jersey, warm socks, thermals and solid shoes are just a few of the essential items we will provide. 

Here, the little things can mean a lot and your help will also support Movement’s free tea and coffee points that provide all residents with a place for connection, a warming chai and a chat.

The break-down

For €100 we can provide a Community Volunteer with a full kit of winter-ready clothing. In addition, €5 will provide a camp resident with warm chai for 2 weeks.

How your donation supports the community

  • €5 chai/coffee/tea for two weeks
  • €5 a pair of socks
  • €20 set of top and bottom thermals
  • €20 jersey
  • €25 rain coat and boots  
  • €30 shoes

Please note
We are asking for donations rather than actual items, to support the Greek community by sourcing the products locally and saving money on shipping simultaneously. A win-win situation.

Help us spread the word

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Let's keep the community warm, dry and full of chai.