Financial support

We identify needs not being met and aim to fill these needs by activating our network of logistical, financial and structural partners to provide these needs thoroughly and without hesitation. Your donation and support helps us to: 

– Bring back dignity and humanity to the refugees on Lesvos
– Fund our current project, such as the children’s football team
– Find sustainable innovative solutions for self-sustaining refugee camps

There are several ways to support financially to us:

Link naar donatie formulier

2. IBAN: NL86 RABO 0307 9928 10
3. To: Stichting Movement On The Ground
4. BIC-number: RABONL2U
5. Reference: General Donation
6. Bank-Name: Rabobank Group
7. Bank-address: Polarisavenue 150, 2132 JX Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
8. Address of organisation: Postbus 9082, 1006AB Amsterdam
9. If you would prefer an invoice or a donation receipt for tax purposes, then please send us an email,