On behalf of the entire Movement On The Ground team, we want to thank you for joining our mission as a volunteer to transform refugee camps towards safe, healing, enabling and dignified environments from within as a volunteer. We sincerely appreciate you devoting your time and energy to our Movement!

Volunteering on Lesvos or Samos is an experience of a lifetime. The trip consists of activities that vary. We promise to provide emotional support through every step of your journey and be ready to make lasting connections with people from all over the world.


If you answered yes, then be sure to fill in our volunteer application form. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by our volunteer recruitment officer and they will then reach out to conduct a first phone call.

Before applying, please be sure that the following points apply to you:

  1. You're 21 years or older.
  2. You're financially independent (you need to cover all your own costs from transport to accommodation to meals).
  3. You're available to volunteer for at least four weeks in a row.
  4. You're planning to volunteer in the next three months.

When volunteering with Movement On The Ground, you can expect to support a wide variety of different programs. However, we are currently looking for some specialised volunteers to help us with the following projects:

  • Technical volunteers across all locations to support with construction and electrical work.
  • Volunteers with an art background to support with paiting and art projects across all locations. 
  • English-speaking volunteers to support with our newly implemented language classes in our vocational training space on Lesvos. 

If you fit any of the above requirements, please note this in your application.

Apply now!

Please note that if you apply with us and proceed with your application, we are allowed to use your personal details.


  • If you have any pressing questions about volunteering with us, please feel free to contact us via the contact page. Please keep in mind that the contact page is only for questions. To apply to become a volunteer, click on the button, 'I want to join!' to fill out the volunteer application form.
  • Please make sure you answer all the questions in the form.
  • The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on our visiting volunteer program. There are strict rules and requirements in place from the Greek government which will impact your ability to access the camp. We recommend that all volunteers applying have an understanding of their requirements of entry to Greece and furthermore, the refugee camps. You can learn more on the Greek government website
  • Due to our much-needed help on the island, it is sometimes very difficult for us to assign you to activities you envision helping out with. Therefore, we ask that when applying, you mentally prepare yourself for all sorts of activities and volunteer work.
  • We ask all volunteers to engage their network and fundraise for the running of our activities in Greece. You can visit our fundraising platform to get a better understanding of what is expected when fundraising for us. You will also receive additional information about fundraising once you're approved as a volunteer.

Check out our fundraising platform!