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What’s more fun than meeting friends to watch a movie, to listen to music or just joke around? Those joyful moments probably define more of who you are than your daily job does. So what’s a village without a place to meet others? Exactly. That’s why, together with Because We Carry, we financed and constructed a Community Centre in our Kara Tepe refugee campUS.

It is pleasantly shady in the summer, and cozy and warm during winter. Most of all, it is a welcoming social hub where kids can play with each other, where people meet up for a movie-night or dance away with songs from home.

We believe building this community center provides a powerful source of distraction, empowerment, stress-relief and community building. For that reason, we are proud to say this community center is the heartbeat of campUS Kara Tepe on Lesvos. For more information on what we do on Lesvos, click here

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