Identification and referral of unaccompanied minors

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"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future" - John F. Kennedy

Being the most vulnerable group in a refugee community, our mission has always addressed the protection, care taking and empowerment of Unaccompanied Minors (UAMs) on both Lesvos and Samos.

Whether it’s guiding them to legal aid, referring them to mental health experts, providing sports and other stress relief programs or educating them in our Digital Learning Labs, the rehabilitation of unaccompanied minors to a bright future has always been a priority at Movement On The Ground.

At request of the "minor office" we are – together with other colleague organisations in Moria camp – locating, identifying and directing UAMs to their BIA (Best Interest Assessment) in order to be eligible for a relocation program in Europe.

Since starting this project, we have assisted in locating and referring around 15 unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan.

We take a dignified and sensitive approach to finding unaccompanied minors in the Olive Groves outside Moria camp;

  • We go tent-by-tent, searching the our zones of the Olive Grove campUs for unaccompanied minors and registering their details.
  • During campUs distributions or food line operation, asking and identifying minors.

Our Olive Grove campUs manager Ali, together with registration coordinator Kane and protection officer Maria, have been working on this project.

“This identification and location project is an ongoing collaboration with the officials of the minor office. We will continue to support this until necessary as we recognise the importance of locating and registering all minors,” explains Maria.

Participating in this project supports the immediate relocation out of the dire circumstances for many UAMs and furthermore, their movement to a next phase in their journey to a better life.

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