Kara Tepe Clothing Store

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"When little normal things happen in the middle of a crisis, they are like diamonds" - Laura Jansen

This striking quote from Laura, one of the founders of Movement On The Ground, truly applies to our resident and visiting volunteer-run clothing store in Kara Tepe. This store, which is located in the Lesvos refugee camp for the most vulnerable cases, offers residents the opportunity to select a new set of clothing every three months. This pack includes a range of clothing including; pants, sweaters, jackets, shirts, underwear and shoes, all suited to the seaon to come. 

And if the pants don't fit? Never fear, our tailoring service run by camp residents ensures that everyone goes home with the perfect fit. Sounds pretty normal right? Well, that's exactly what we're aiming for!

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Dressing in 'normal' clothes is one of the first steps towards restoring dignity in ones self, or so we believe. Clothing is more than just a basic need that keeps you warm and protected, it offers a person a sense of expression and agency. So in this 'store', we make it possible for residents to pick out and where the clothes of their choice and size, because who doesn't like to look good?

How has this project been impacted by COVID-19?

Like many of our projects and services, we are doing everything in our power to ensure we take all the necessary precautions in relation to COVID-19 advices. All residents that visit our store are expected to sanitise their hands before entering and advised to cough in their elbow. As for the volunteers and residents running the store, they are advised to keep a resonable distance from customers and either sanitise their hands regularly or wear gloves. All our visiting-volunteers working in Kara Tepe at this time are on a rotational schedule, meaning they volunteer in groups of three to four people on a two week rotation. For more information about our approach during the COVID-19 crisis, read our full statement

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