Projects - Past

During the winter of 2017-2018, we collaborated with ShelterSuit to provide water and winterproof coats that can be easily transformed into sleeping bags, providing full body protection.

People constantly struggle to survive the cold across the world. We believe that everyone, at all times, deserves protection, dignity, and warmth. That's why Sheltersuit was generous enough to donate a large number of such coats to residents on our Kara Tepe campUS, as well as on campUS Moria.

Together with our partners, ShelterSuit and Waka Waka Foundation, we distributed over 500 ShelterSuits to communities to stay warm! This was such an amazing collaboration. In addition, we had suits that were specially designed for children. Each ShelterSuit was uniquely and individually designed by former refugees and residents in the Netherlands.

Would you like to help out with winter this year? Please visit our How Can I Help page to see the various ways you can contribute.

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