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On the 15th of October (2018), BBC’s The Boss series wrote a piece on Charlie MacGregor, co-founder of Movement On The Ground as well as the founder of the Student Hotel here in Amsterdam.

"The lucky ones were often terrorized."
In the article, Charlie speaks about the impact of his experience visiting Lesvos for the very first time on October 2015. He paints a visual of how desperate the situation was as he explicitly talks about the 2,000 unauthorized boats of mostly Syrians escaping civil war, numerous deaths, and terrorized people, "not only by the journey, but [fearing] what would happen to them next."
Initially, Charlie and the four other co-founders funded the charity themselves, but it now relies on outside donations.

Like the other 4 co-founders of our Movement, Charlie knew he had to do something to help this situation. He needed to help change the fate of the people who had no choice but to flee their countries. And he did. As highlighted in BBC’s article, among other things, Charlie co-founded the Movement Hotel. A one-year pop-up project based in Amsterdam. The project allowed refugees a place to live, work and adapt to the Dutch culture and working life.

While each of the five founders of our Movement has built the foundation for our current success, we still have a far way to go and we need all the help we can get. To see all the different ways, you can help us maintain and initiate projects like this, click here.

To check out BBC's The Boss series article, click here!


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