Walk of Shame: On Giving with Tawab

In the media

Meet Tawab, one of our newly appointed Olive Grove campUs coordinators. 

Prior to his new role with us at Movement On The Ground, the young Afghani-born man was living with his family in Moria camp and volunteering with our resident team.

Tawab and his family recently moved into a rented house in Mytilene, one of the main cities on Lesvos. This move allowed us to take Tawab on full time as a coordinator, and we couldn't be more proud. 

A resilient, optimistic and energetic worker, Tawab brings a sense of great hope to his Olive Grove campUs community everyday. 

Together with one our regular visiting volunteers, Rob Timmerman, Tawab spoke with Dutch philosopher Sabine Wassenberg about what it is like to live and work in Moria camp.

Opening up about his work at MOTG, Tawab tells of how he maintains a positive attitude within a dire situation and how he is, together with his community, creating positive impact.

You can read the full write up on Walk of Shame's website.


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