A refugee camp is not a home...

"It is a place that should reflect our European ethics and fundamental standard of living."

It is a temporary place where those forced from their homes must wait. A place that should feel welcoming for humans who have experienced a journey few understand. An environment that should feel safe. A dignified place that provides human care, social services and community activities. A place that should reflect our European ethics and fundamental standard of living.

What is it like in most refugee camps? The living conditions are dire. Infrastructure blown away by the first winter storm. Long queues for food. Fires starting due to poor electricity which end up causing damage and destruction. But amongst these conditions live human beings. With fundamental needs and rights. With a resilience and a great determination. Humans who are willing to help their fellow humans. Humans who need to experience a life greater than just waiting. 

With over five years of operation on the Greek islands, we have learned that a solution towards a more dignified and humane reception of refugees and asylum seekers resides in our Camp to campUs philosophy. The transforming of camps into healing and dignified place. A village-like environment. A community. Where every resident feels recognised, included and cared for. A place that enables people to connect, learn and develop skills.

For us, the fundamental rights of people on the move come first and foremost. Ones we have long advocated for. Ones we will continue to advocate for on a European level through open dialogue in request for systematic change. Ones we will continue to advocate for on the ground through positive, actionable influence. 

We believe we can positively contribute to a more humane reception of people on the move. We believe we have the knowledge and connection to implement our Camp to campUs philosophy to help transform refugee camps into holistic and safe landing places for those who arrive seeking safety, on the shores of Europe. This is why we're here. #camptocampUs

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