A year like no other and a few words, untold...

As the last hours of 2020 draw nearer, a few words remain untold, deep down in our hearts. Tonight, we would like to take one last opportunity to share them and tell you why… Why we are grateful to have you in our lives.
Forced from your homes, on the move toward an unknown place you wanted to call home, you've reached a shore. That is when we met you five years ago. Since, together, in love we have been rising amid all the challenges.
From you we learned patience and resilience. From you we learned what it takes to become human. What else would anyone need to overcome a challenging year like this one?
What a year it has been! It gave us all a lot we didn't ask for. We were tried and tested. We were pushed to our limits. But we didn't give up hope. Because from you, we learned how to keep moving... onward.
What the world has been through this year amid all political conflicts, natural disasters and especially the Covid-19 pandemic is nothing compared to your challenging long journey. But time doesn’t end nor do the years. They begin. We can’t go back and change the beginning. But together we can start again from where we stand today. 
We promise to hold onto one of the great things this year has given us... YOU! From the core of our humble organisation, we wish you all the happiness, love and a HOME to start another journey of your choice. Together, let's write a greater story for the coming year. 

The Movement On The Ground team

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