Bringing people together in RIC Zervou


Bringing people together and enabling them to connect and be connected. That is why we are active inside RIC Zervou. With and for the community.

It’s been just over six weeks since we started working inside the newly built reception and identification centre on Samos, housing over 500 children, women and men. Many of whom we know closely from our work in Vathy camp. 

This new camp, despite improvements in infrastructure and facilities, lacks a feeling of warmth, and opportunity for residents to connect beyond the camp walls. That is why, we have been working together with the camp residents, to create a greater feeling of community. We have created a community space called Kalostea, where residents can come together, play games and chat over a cup of tea. We have implemented a multi-purpose Cruyff Court, where both children and adults can take part in sports activities. We have added greenery and painted concrete walls with bright colours.

We have already started improving the environment with and for the community. But the hard work doesn’t end here. We strongly believe that every resident located in Zervou must maintain their connection to the outside. We will continue to refer residents to the services of our fellow NGOs on Samos, we will continue to advocate for accessible transport to and from the camp. We will continue to be a listening ear for the community. 

This is the start of a new and different journey on Samos. We will persevere along the long and winding journey towards a more dignified reception for refugees on this island, in Greece and in Europe.

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