Creative activities for children on Lesvos


“Movement is always trying to stimulate the creative minds of children”, says Rosa our program and activities coordinator. That’s why visits from clown and theatre troupe’s are always welcome for our CampUs children. In March and April we had the pleasure of welcoming two great groups - “Changing Stories” and “Sirkus-Sol" who have helped children on Lesvos and Samos have fun and use their imagination. Here's what they got up to. 

The norwegian humanitarian clown troupe Sirkus-Sol were the first to visit, staying on Lesvos for 10 days towards the end of March. They gave workshops and ran activities for children in the Moria 'Safe-Zone' for Unaccompanied Minors, before travelling around Lesvos to different organisations. We loved seeing how they empowered our resident children by getting them involved in some performances.

Cheerful theatre collective, 'Changing-Stories' came to Lesvos just a month later. 'Changing-stories' have a real hands-on approach, letting children paint on their costumes and using props to create a lively land of make-believe when they perform. Off-stage, they also got our residents involved in working with their hands painting and cutting set-pieces. We love some of the finished work they made!

Visiors like these are an important part of how keep children on our CampUses engaged and happy. Thank you to Sirkus-Sol and Changing Stories for their time, we hope to see them again soon!

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