Five Movement Moments: Chai Point, More Benches, Cleaning, Showers and Community Space


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

On Lesvos, our construction team built a new Chai point inside the camp. Only last week, 1000 cups of tea and coffee were being served there on a daily basis. Considering the popularity of this very place among the community, the team is now looking forward to painting it and making it a cosier place. 

On Chios, our community space seems to attract more of the community residents who long for more connectivity. This is why our team of community volunteers has stepped up last week to build additional benches, ensuring more spaces in the shades of Kalostea. The benches were painted as well in an effort to bring more colours to the community.

Also on Chios, our WASH team has grown to nine! Three new enthusiastic and skilled members joined us this week to help maintain hygiene in Vial camp. From this week onwards, they will be able to deep-clean both the WASH and showers twice every day to ensure adequate sanitation for the community of Vial.

On Lesvos last week, 3725 showers were taken by the community residents. A total of 159,515 showers since the installation of the Hot Shower Project in RIC Lesvos. For the majority, this remains the only running water showers facility in the camp, apart from the specially adapted showers for people with mobility issues.

On #Samos, the community has been enjoying the new community space set up by our teams of community and visiting volunteers. A fully shaded and colourful space enabling the women, men, boys and girls of different backgrounds to meet and connect. Excited about this very engaging play area, even the children of the community stepped up to help us improve the setting. We created this space aiming to build deeper connections with the residents before they soon relocate to Zevrou, the new RIC on Samos.

These are some of the activities and programs we run together with and for the communities on the Greek islands as part of our #camptocampUs philosophy. We believe this is how we, at Movement On The Ground can positively contribute to a more enabling environment for and with people on the move.

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