Five Movement Moments: Farewell, Dinner, Kalostea, Presents and Thermals


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

On Chios last week, we bid farewell to Moamel and his family. After a long wait, they received the great news about their asylum claim being granted. Moamel is one of the best football and table tennis players in the camp. Today he looks forward to finally being able to go back to school, learn and have a new life.

Also on Chios last week, our team was invited for dinner at Abu Hussein's caravan. Abu Hussein is a Syrian resident who live together with his wife and two kids. We were lucky to have amazing traditional Syrian shawarma meal. Together we ate, laughed and listened to some Arabic songs. We also enjoyed some Sudanese tea and desserts prepared by our Sudanese community volunteer Ali.In The in

The indoor Kalostea of Vial camp continues to bring us together. Made even more welcoming and warmer thanks to the paintings by our talented artist Mohammed who keeps adding colours to the camp.

On Chios last week, we distributed over 50 Christmas presents to all children of the community. Big shoutout to Spanish organisation “Balloona Matata” for providing these amazing gifts.

On Lesvos this week, together with our community and visiting volunteers, we distributed over 2200 thermal clothing packs to the residents of RIC Lesvos. These packs have been distributed door-by-door, in an effort to provide extra warmth to the community during the cold winter months.

Not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we continue to stand in solidarity with these people on the move on the Greek islands. These are some of the activities and programmes we run together with and for these communities in an effort to transform refugee camps into safe, healing and enabling environments. By starting a fundraiser on our Kentaa platform, you too can contribute to our community-led projects including; chai distribution, tailoring, education, sports and waste management.

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