Five Movement Moments: Farewell, FutbolNet, Sports Field, Nabil and Waste Management


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

This week on Lesvos, we bid farewell to Masha and her family. We met them shortly after they received the great news. "After two years in refugee camps, today we were granted asylum" told us Masha from Afghanistan. Together with her husband and five children she is now waiting for their passports and panning to travel soon and start a new life. "I hope all those who are here can leave soon and go start their life elsewhere" Masha said.

Due to the heavy rains last week on Lesvos, we had to reschedule the FutbolNet session dedicated to the #GlobalHandwashingDay2021. It finally took place on Friday under the theme "Respect yourself and others". The community's children got to learn from the sports coaches the value of hand hygiene, how it can stop germs from spreading from one person to another and throughout the whole community. Big shoutout to Starfish Foundation who provided us with a hand washing point up the hill on this special day.

This week, together with the amazing Dutch singer and presenter Sterre Koning, we launched a new campaign in an effort to raise €5000 to construct a sports field on Chios. "Through sports and games a child can really be a child again and get the space to dream about a better future", Sterre said. You can support this initiative by donating via this link.

Back to Lesvos where we got to reconnect with Nabil. Two years ago in Moria camp, we met him for the first time. An amazing young resident who stepped up to help as a community volunteer. His journey towards finding a safe home was quite long. But after having found one in The Netherands, the first thing Nabil wanted was to #GiveBack. This time as a visiting volunteer on Lesvos. 

Also on Lesvos, together with our teams of community and visiting volunteers we carried out our waste management programme. Over the last three days we helped on emptying the bins with the municipal truck. Hygiene is crucial! This is why our teams continue to do all they can to provide adequate cleaning and sanitation to help insure the wellbeing and a more dignified environment for the community.

Not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we continue to stand in solidarity with these people on the move on the Greek islands. These are some of the activities and programmes we run together with and for these communities in an effort to transform refugee camps into safe, healing and enabling environments. By starting a fundraiser on our Kentaa platform, you too can contribute to our community-led projects including; chai distribution, tailoring, education, sports and waste management.

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