Five Movement Moments: Mohammad & Aessa, Abdul Habibi, Bikes Workshop, Winter Blankets and a New Game


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

You know them quite well! Aessa and Mohammad. Our extraordinary sports coaches on Lesvos. This week they celebrated their fifth year in Greece. From Moria camp to Kara Tepe campUs, to their first job on the island. Sharing the same apartment and running the FutbolNet program together with the team... Since, they're the inseperable 'brothers'. Together they went through the good and the bad moments. Together, they supported and encouraged each other. So together, let's wish them the best for the years to come! 🧡


This week, together with the team on Lesvos we celebrated a BIG moment! After years in-waiting, our amazing community volunteer Abdul Mosawer Habibi was finally granted asylum. This 25-year-old Afghan has been living on Lesvos for almost three years during which he has always been dedicating his time to support the community. Last Tuesday he received this great news and couldn't but share it with us all. A moment of hope that we wish for every human on the move in search of a safe 'home'!

Also on Lesvos this week, our teams of community and visiting volunteers have been setting up a bike repair workshop. Servicing up to 45 bikes per week, changing or blowing up tyres, fixing brakes, lubricating chains... This workshop is making it easier for the camp residents including the community and visiting volunteers to cycle in and outside the camp.

Over the last two days, our teams of community and visiting volunteers on Lesvos have been helping to distribute over 3000 winter blankets to the camp residents as temperatures are set to drop further on the Greek islands at night.

Here are the community's children taking over the new game station in Kalostea! On Chios, the strategy board game - Ludo - created by our wonderful community volunteer Omar Ali is already in place. Like every board game, Ludo helps the players to connect, learn strategy and patience and further develop their interpersonal skills. 

Not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we continue to stand in solidarity with these people on the move in search of a safe place to call 'home'. These are some of the activities and programs we run together with and for these communities on the Greek islands as part of our #camptocampUs philosophy.

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