Five Movement Moments: Mustafa, Maria, Ahmad, Bracelets and a Tufted Dish


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

Last weekend on Lesvos, we bid farewell to Mustafa and his family who have finally they received the good news about their asylum claim. “For over two years, we went through hard times and now we started planning for our children's future. I hope everyone can leave the camp”, Mustafa told us.

Meet Maria. An amazing Greek sports coordinator on Lesvos who joined us this month. Maria's passion is to help support and take care of the community's children. Especially those who are in search for a better future. She is now part of our SPACES programme on the island. Big warm welcome Maria! 🧡

Last week on Lesvos, we also met with Ahmad. A 17-year-old resident from Afghanistan who has been on the island of Lesvos for over two years. Ahmad strongly believes that behind every darkness there is light. "Despite all the difficult conditions I have been living through inside the camp, I always tried to achieve my goals and my dreams because I promised my dreams to achieve them", he told us.

On Chios last week, we witnessed a lot of connectivity, through art! Our amazing team of community volunteers stepped up to braid these beautiful bracelets. Specially made to be offered to the community as a symbol of friendship, love and care.

Also on Chios last week, we were just passing by when Assane invited us to share one of their traditional mutton dishes called 'Tufted'. Assane is a Senegaese resident and an expert when it comes to cooking these Senegalese recipes. It was lovely to connect with him and his friends and learn more about the 'secret ingredients' and about how food continues to unite people together.

Not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we continue to stand in solidarity with these people on the move on the Greek islands. These are some of the activities and programmes we run together with and for these communities in an effort to transform refugee camps into safe, healing and enabling environments. By starting a fundraiser on our Kentaa platform, you too can contribute to our community-led projects including; chai distribution, tailoring, education, sports and waste management.

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