Five Movement Moments: Raingear, Indoor Kalostea, Painting, Gym and a Cup of Tea


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

It's raining now in the north of Europe and it will soon rain in Greece. This is why, this week, we launched our #RainGear2021 campaign calling on everyone to help us raise much needed funds to buy rain boots and coats for our team of community volunteers who work every day on Lesvos, Samos and Chios, no matter the weather circumstances. Head to our website to learn how you can help.

On chios this week, our amazing teams of community and visiting volunteers decided to anticipate the winter season and its consequences on our community space in Vial camp. This is why they have been working round the clock to recreate an indoor version of Kalostea, which will enable the camp residents to connect and play even in winter time. 

On Lesvos, Dutch art teacher Maarten who has recently joined our team of visiting volunteers stepped up to add some colours to Movement On The Ground's camp office. This project is focused on enabling the community volunteers to take ownership of the over their office space whilst learning new skills. "Together with the residents we will make the camp a happier place", Maartin said.

Back to Chios where our team of community volunteers decided to add a new section to the indoor Kalostea including a Gym. Another way to enable the community residents to spend their free time creatively and to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing through sports.

Back to Lesvos, where Mohammad - our sports coach and photographer - was invited over a cup of tea by an Afghan resident whose children take part in FutbolNet. A beautiful moment of connectivity where this family expressed their love and gratitude towards the support every actor on the ground is showing, in face of all the challenges.

Not everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we continue to stand in solidarity with these people on the move in search of a safe place to call 'home'. These are some of the activities and programs we run together with and for these communities on the Greek islands as part of our #camptocampUs philosophy.

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