Five Movement Moments: soap cars, SPACES, summerisation, football and tennis tables and playgrounds


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

On Lesvos, with support from The American design initiative - GDI, our team of community and visiting volunteers have been setting up playgrounds with different integrated games.  The first has a swing, a slide, a playhouse and a marble track whilst the second contains three slides, different climbing steps, a sand box and a mezzanine with a hammock. A temporary solution offering more connectivity for the community of RIC Lesvos, in addition to the Cruyff Court and the daily sports sessions powered by our partners Barça Foundation.

This week four members of our team of community volunteers - maintenance - on Chios stepped up to build a tennis table and a football table, by recycling existing wooden and metallic material they were able to find in Vial camp. Two new elements to be added to Kalostea, our community space and that can enable the residents to further connect and play.

This week again, over ten special children have been gathering in small groups around a series of interactive and educational games as part of our SPACES program taking place in The Dave Schultz Sports, Arts and Wellness Centre For Humanity.With thanks to our colleagues When We Band Together, this program continues to enable children with special needs on Lesvos to exercise, play and learn safely whilst offering greater connectivity for their parents too.

This week three technical teams consisting of community and visiting volunteers and coordinators went looking for scrap of metal and wood in our workshop in Mytilene. The purpose: “Scrap heap challenge soap box racing championship”; a long due fun initiative with an aim to build three soap box cars and go on a race down the hill. Big shoutout to this amazing team who continue to create more of these moments full of creativity, laughter and connectivity!

The warm evening temperatures across the Greek islands are causing mosquitoes to thrive which contributes to more bites and greater risk of infection to over 3,000 children, women and men on the move sleeping in RIC Lesvos. This week, together with our team of community and visiting volunteers, we distributed over 1,000 bottles of mosquito repellent, donated by EODY – the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation.

These are some of the engaging activities and programs we run together with and for these communities on the Greek islands as part of our #camptocampUs philosophy. We believe this is how we, at Movement On The Ground can positively contribute to a more enabling environment for and with people on the move.

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