Five Movement Moments: Tournament, Food Distribution, Board Game, Jama the Swimmer and Resume Building


Looking back over the last week and a few moments of connectivity we shared with the communities we work with and for on the Greek islands.

On Lesvos last week, we hosted an amazing FutbolNet tournament powered by our partner Barça Foundation for the children of RIC Lesvos. Over 100 children joined the Cruyff Court by The Cruyff Foundation, supervised by eight volunteer sports coaches and three visiting volunteers. All the children played football and many other summer fun games and ended up earning each an appreciation medal🏅. Another day full of energy and smiles to remember!

Also on Lesvos, last Wednesday and Thursday we distributed dry food packs to our team of community volunteers. These packs are an important addition to help supplement their daily meals and enable them to cook some of their preferred recipes. Big shoutout to every volunteer working round the clock in support of the community. Without them, none of what we do on the ground would have been possible!

On Chios, another game station is about to be added to Kalostea, our community space in Vial camp. Omar Ali, our amazing community volunteer stepped up to recreate a strategy board game called Ludo. Like every other board game, Ludo helps the players to connect, learn strategy and patience and further develop their interpersonal skills.

    On Samos, our visiting volunteer and talented photographer Romy gets to sometimes connect with some of the Vathy camp residents through her window, as they visit the nearby Gaggou beach. Last week she captured a few moments of Jama's visit and got to know a little bit more about this talented individual who travelled a month ago to Greece in search of safety. In less than a month, Jama learned swimming and improved his English skills. "I love to be one with nature" he told her.

    Last week on Chios, we started a new project to help our extraordinary community volunteers build their resumes and get ready for future employments. Here's our lovely visiting volunteer Lara assisting Abdulie Ceesay, our talented carpenter, and sharing with him some insights into the job markets. 

    These are some of the activities and programs we run together with and for the communities on the Greek islands as part of our #camptocampUs philosophy. We believe this is how we, at Movement On The Ground can positively contribute to a more enabling environment for and with people on the move.

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