Help us build an emergency food line


Wow, this is so heartwarming! 

We are happy to announce that Dutch charity, Take Care Of Your Neighbor, have fulfilled our remaining financial needs for our emergency food line in our Olive Grove campUs.

We are so grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And on behalf of our resident volunteers, we can’t wait to get started and moving!


Don't forget to write FOOD LINE in the remarks section so we can allocate your donation to the right project!

Imagine feeding 20,000 people, three times a day, from a single distribution point, you would assume chaos would erupt, right?

Well, for the residents of Moria camp, this situation is a daily reality, and in the past weeks, due to increased tensions caused by COVID-19 lockdown measurements, the food line inside Moria camp has become even more chaotic. 

Realising this reality is far from idyllic, we decided to provide some relief to the food line-related pressures by creating an additional food distribution point in our Olive Grove campUs outside of Moria camp. In combination with our existing point in Zone 6, the new Zone 9 food line has enabled us to feed a combined total of 1,500 residents in a safe, hygienic and dignified way.

And now, we’re hoping to double our impact with the help of your kind donations!

What's the plan?

The plan is to build an emergency food line in Zone 8 of our Olive Grove campUs. The design is already in place, and thanks to one of our resident team leaders Fahrad, a construction team has been formed and is ready to start building. The only thing that's missing is the materials to build the basic shelter for the food and the gates for the line itself.

That's why we need your help to raise €2,000 to make this emergency food line happen. The money raised will go towards the initial build and down the track, the expansion of the line once the remainder of Zone 8 is complete. 

By donating towards this food line, you will not only be helping to feed an additional 1,500 residents in a safer and more hygenic way, but you will help to build a greater sense of community in our Olive Groves. The concept of our food lines is to be solely community-based, from build through to distribution. By donating towards this project, you will help to bring a sense of agency to a group of people who often feel that they don't have any.

Thank you for your support and we look foward to sharing with you the success of this project!

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