International Day of Charity: The power of togetherness


“Charity is not about pity; it’s about love. Together, we can do great things” - Mother Theresa.

Charity brings together people who ‘care' to make a difference, especially in times of uncertainty. More importantly, it helps us realise how possible it is to live together in harmony, recognise our similarities and celebrate our differences.

In light of this #InternationalDayOfCharity and the role it plays in creating #humantohuman connections leading towards more inclusive and resilient communities, we continue to raise awareness of the importance of social responsibilities in solidarity with every human, especially those on the move. 

Today we would like to thank again... Every visiting volunteer who contributed their time, efforts and skills to the communities we work with and for. Every community volunteer across the Greek islands who stepped up to help in spite of the challenges they live through every day. Every fellow organisation and the tireless work of their whole teams on the ground. Every partner who stood by us and helped us raise funds towards our mission in Greece. Every fellow human who supported our mission by donating or advocating for the rights of people on the move.

There is so much power in togetherness. Only together we can continue to create Movements that can help to bring the changes we envision for the future of humanity. A future where no charity would be needed!

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