Supporting Ukrainian minors in Poland


The war in Ukraine brought us to Poland. We connected with local organizations to find out where our knowledge and experience can benefit the people the most. We’ve selected a few projects to explore further. One of those projects involves improving the living conditions for 121 Ukrainian minors and their 9 caretakers in Poland. 

Find out about the current situation, what we are doing and what is next below!

Current situation

In the north of Poland, this extremely vulnerable group (most of them orphans under 18 years old) is being housed in a Summer camp for children. This means the location is in part already equipped to house larger groups of residents. So, the very basics like housing, food and social support – by the caretakers – are in place. Besides that, internet connections have been provided in order to access online schooling. 

As Movement On The Ground, we firmly believe that dignified living conditions and the opportunity to learn, play and interact with each other during the day, can help these children thrive. This means we are going the extra mile to create a healing place for the minors as well as their caretakers.

What we are doing

At this moment, locals are already there to renovate the sleeping facilities, buildings are being painted, doors and floors are being replaced and a larger kitchen is being installed. Starting in May, we will be on the ground to help with creating additional playgrounds, support renovation of the sleeping facilities and collecting furniture from local suppliers in order to create a safe and comfortable stay.

With these first necessities in place, we’re also working towards leisure opportunities for the children staying in the summer camp and utilizing the existing sports facilities. We know from experience that playing sports is not only good for one’s health but also enhances the sense of community and helps teach values that can be beneficial for the rest of the children’s lives.

Last but not least, we are looking into facilitating health support, in collaboration with qualified health partners. Initial action has already been taken but we’re gaining more insights into specific needs every day.

What’s next

We expect to be on the ground for at least a year, which means we are on the lookout for volunteers who would like to join us in making a significant impact in the lives of these children and their caretakers. Right now, we’re looking for:

  • volunteers who can help provide the sport and leisure activities
  • starting end of May
  • with a minimum stay of 4 weeks, preferably longer
  • and a plus in case you speak Polish as well as English.

If you wish to get involved with this project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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