The Humble Brush


We love to see innovation being used to tackle socially responsible issues. We were recently lucky to receive a donation from a company that is doing just that. The Humble Co. develops “reliable health and wellness products” and they kindly gave our resident children one of their coolest inventions -  the “Humble Brush.” 

Officially the “world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush”, the humble brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. Our CampUs children received one in their goody bag at the Kicking Off tournament a few weeks ago and they were really happy about it! 

In situations of humanitarian emergency, something as simple as oral health can be forgotten among the list of ‘basic needs’. Oral health is really important, especially for young children! Thank you to the Humble Co. for this great contribution, we look forward to seeing what other sustainable, innovative inventions they come up with in the future!

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