The MOTG Cookbook


Over the last couple of weeks, a volunteer by the name of Sophie Streeting, has spent time exploring the island of Lesvos, seeking out it's culinary delights and collecting and cooking recipes from the local community and residents of the Olive Grove and Kara Tepe. 

The purpose of her endevour? To create a Movement On The Ground cookbook, inspired by the people of Lesvos and the uniquely diverse range of cuisines that find themselves on the island. 

"The objective of this book is community and inclusivity, showing that no matter where you're from in the world, we all break bread together and food has a unique and wonderful power to unite," Sophie explains. 

"Cooking with the residents of the camps, we found that when people talked about the food they love, they would light up and open up. They spoke of their dishes from their homes with pride, explaining how the comfort of cooking and sharing your favourite food can give you a sense of belonging, even when you are far from what you know." 

Sophie travelled across the island with photographer Nikos Kokkas, Nikoleta Makrionito and Barbara Gigilini’s, who helped her to capture the beautiful dishes created by both camp residents and local Greeks. 

"In a time of continuous uncertainty and discord on the island, the collaboration between the local Greek people and the residents of Kara Tepe and the Olive Groves -- which enabled this project to happen -- showed us that there is hope and beauty where you are willing to look. It was our absolute privilege to be able to see this," said Sophie. 

"As a team, we were overwhelmed by the incredible work that Movement on the Ground is doing to create safe and dignified living conditions for the residents of the camps and want to say an enormous thank you to the superstar coordinators who helped us with this project and who work tirelessly every day to create a better life for these people."

We would like to thank Sophie, Nikos, Barbara and Nikoleta for their hard work and dedication in making this cookbook a reality. We can't wait to see the end result and cook up all of the delicious recipes inside.

The Movement On The Ground cookbook is on its way, so be sure to watch this space!

Photo credit: Nikos Kokkas

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