Today, the residents of Vathy camp are being moved to Zervou


As of today, the residents of Vathy camp are being moved to Zervou, a new Reception and Identification Centre on Samos. Unfortunately, yesterday evening, during the preparations for this move, a fire broke out in a surrounding area of Vathy camp. We can report that no residents were harmed or injured due to the incident. 

In light of all that is happening on Samos, Movement On The Ground has taken the decision to be present in the new camp. To be a listening ear, a welcoming face and an organisation willing to work with the community to transform this new camp into a healing and enabling environment.

Despite the improvements in infrastructure, and facilities, this new camp does not realise the dignified reception that we envision for people who are forced to flee their homes. RIC Zervou lacks a feeling of community and hospitality. This is a minimum requirement for all human beings awaiting a new place to call home. This is why we have already started setting up a community space, chai point, sports field and community garden, with and for the residents. This by no means fulfils the needs of the transferred Vathy camp community, but it does provide immediate and needed relief in these first moments. 

We are determined to do all we can to support the residents who will now reside in RIC Zervou. To work with and for this community to implement more dignified conditions and programs that generate greater prospects for their future. #ByThemWeStand

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