Ukraine conflict: a historic moment of awareness for Europe


The way the world stands up for Ukrainian refugees shows a change in how people perceive refugees. As far as Movement On The Ground (MOTG) is concerned, this solidarity should apply to all people on the move, regardless of background, nationality, religion or country of origin. We are expanding our ongoing work in Greece to the Netherlands, Lebanon, Poland and Moldova.

Through the cracks

We have committed to helping all people who have forced the flight from their homes since our foundation in 2015. Our inclusive approach strengthens self-esteem and increases self-reliance. We see people on the move for who they are and what they can do: people with their own talents.

Current reception locations are often set up for the short term. However, experience shows that people are tied to one place for months, if not years. This hopeless time works against mental health and integration, and in some cases leads to tensions with the host community.

We also see that the current solidarity is not the same for everyone. Vulnerable groups and people from different backgrounds, nationalities or religions do not have the same access to care or protection. These people too deserve to be treated as… human beings. This vision forms the basis of the mission of Movement On The Ground.

Camp to CampUs

By offering a holistic and inclusive shelter, people who are fleeing can start to live again, instead of focussing on survival. Knowledge and talents of the camp’s residents are used and further developed. Camp residents contribute to the development of infrastructure, housing, education, and sports & games.

Reception locations are transformed into sustainable, safe, humane and healing environments, with and for the refugee community and in collaboration with the local host community. The approach is therefore human-centred and people-powered.

“The current treatment of Ukrainian refugees should apply to all refugees”
~ Lonneke Noteboom, Head of Mission, MOTG

We keep moving

We tirelessly continue with our work on the Greek islands and in Athens. And we are about to deploy the Camp to CampUs philosophy outside of Greece as well:

  • In the Netherlands, MOTG is in talks with COA to see how we can contribute to relieving the pressure on the asylum system as a result of the Ukraine crisis;
  • In Poland, 120 children from a Ukrainian orphanage will receive have access to shelter, sports, games and education;
  • In Moldova, host families are provided with basic necessities for themselves and Ukrainian refugees;
  • In Lebanon, a deplorable living environment for Syrian families is being converted into a dignified location;
  • The results of the Camp to CampUs philosophy will be used to bring about a policy change in the Netherlands and Brussels with regard to how people who have had to leave home and hearts behind are treated.

For more information and questions, please reach out to Kilian Idsinga.

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